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Andy Donaldson

The Legal Customer Journey: A Pannone Review

You hear a lot in online marketing about the customer journey. How easy is it from the point of landing on your website to the point of converting? This is relatively easy to measure on a retail site where the customer lands, finds a product, adds said product to their basket and then goes through the checkout process. Such a linear journey is easy to map and measure, with a clear outcome: the customer either buys a product or they don’t.

However, with a legal site it can be very different. The process isn’t as linear in the sense that clients are usually looking for advice so, rather than products, they are most likely looking for information on topics pertaining to them. Once found, they may compare it with other similar advice elsewhere, go away to think about it or discuss it with friends or family. They may even return to the site to find more information, all before ‘converting’ by picking up the phone or submitting an online enquiry form.

This means that, more so than promoting a linear journey from start to finish, your legal firm’s website should be a repository of relevant information that allows users to find what they need quickly and efficiently. If they can trust you to deliver help and advice in that format, they may well be more likely to get in touch. Not to mention the fact that Google favours sites that are useful when it comes to ranking.



It’s a well-worn trope but content is indeed king and rich, informative content is essential to any legal brand. But, for your content to be read, your potential clients need to be able to find it. Great site navigation, then, is vital. Take a look at the site for Pannone, a Manchester-based personal and business law firm. They have a simple navigation that makes it incredibly easy to find the section of their site that you need. Once you’re in that section you have a wealth of content (both written and visual) explaining what it covers.

To the left, a navigation bar breaks down the topics covered within that section and allows you to click through to each one. There you can find even more in depth written and video content as well as navigation to more complex areas of that topic. Everything is covered, making the Pannone site a great repository for legal information. Even better, their contact number and enquiry form is featured on every single page, meaning that a potential client doesn’t have to leave the site, or even the page they’re on, in order to make contact.



It’s an excellent site and offers a fantastic customer journey, although even this isn’t perfect. A breadcrumb trail would be useful to help you find your way back through the different levels, while their blog is hidden away in the media centre and hasn’t been updated in several months, making the site appear ‘unlived-in’ – a negative for Google when it comes to ranking.

If you would like to make your legal brand’s site the best for information for your clients both present and future, contact the specialists at Hit Search who have years of experience in online marketing for legal firms. Call us today on 0800 011 9270.

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