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Susie Hood

The Most Inspirational Travel Vloggers on YouTube

YouTube has given travellers, digital nomads and freelancers an extremely valuable platform to earn a living. Documenting their daily lives on YouTube helps fund their adventures around the world, through promotion and sponsorships from international brands.

With a growing number of Vloggers saying goodbye to their 9-5 jobs, selling the majority of their belongings and starting a travel inspired YouTube channel, as a digital marketing professional, you have a duty to your clients to tap into this growing online community and form working relationships with these passionate and dedicated creative producers.

Video content is quickly becoming king, so now is your chance to find a reliable and creative Vlogger on YouTube that will help your client gain increasedexposure and generate leads. First, let’s take a look at the top 5 most inspirational travel vloggers currently conquering YouTube.


travel1.jpgPhotography Prince

With an epic 7.6 million subscribers, Casey Neistat has earned himself a huge reputation on YouTube and is the co-founder of multimedia company Beme. Now 36 years old, Casey first published a YouTube video on his channel over seven years ago. Now with a minimum of twomillion views per video, it is no wonder why so many international brands are desperate to work with him. Highly focused on his love and talent for photography and film production, Casey rewards his loyal fans with high-quality video content that documents his life and work. Based in New York, Casey is known for his sunglasses, skateboard and camera angles. If you watch one of his videos, you’re almost guaranteed to see all three. The ultimate vlogger and influencer for travel, photography, technology and gadgets, Casey Neistat is in huge demand and we believe will only continue to grow in popularity.

  • Youtube Channel: Casey Neistat

    YouTube Subscribers: 7.6 million


travel2.jpgGlobal Adrenalin Junkie

UK born adrenalin junkie, Louis Cole is a renowned film producer thanks to his YouTube channel FunforLouis. Nearing two million subscribers, FunforLouis is the godfather of daily vlogging and is an international inspiration for the YouTube community. Currently creating his own documentary, Beyond Boarders, Louis started out over five years ago with his first video, Norway Roadtrip 2012, which now has 216,636 views and counting. Having formed partnerships for Adidas, Go Pro and Discovery Digital Networks, the FunforLouis empire is perfectly tailored to the travel and tourism industry.

  • YouTube Channel: Fun for Louis

    YouTube Subscribers: 1.9 million 

travel3.jpgMind, Body & Soul King

For a daily dose of positivity, Ben Brown from Cape Town, South Africa and former athlete is a YouTube sensation. Producing high-quality video content and photography, Ben used to be on the British Flat Water Kayak team for over 10 years and was also both a junior and senior Marathon World Champion. Starting out on YouTube whilst still competing on water, Ben’s, K1 500m Race! Seville 2008 video, which is of fairly low quality is a huge contrast to the flawless and dynamic video content he produces now which gain over 60,000 + views. Another power couple on YouTube, Ben has teamed up with girlfriend Nicole Eddy who has over 67000 subscribers, to produce travel inspired vlogs which ooze positivity and feel good vibes. MrBenBrown’s channel would suit health and wellbeing clients as well as hotels and hospitality businesses.


travel4.jpgLifestyle Goals

A business school graduate, Lost LeBlanc radically transformed his life by saving up £5,000 and booking a one way ticket to Bangkok in Thailand. Uploading high quality and aesthetically pleasing videos on YouTube, which feature himself and his girlfriend as they travel around the world, LeBlanc has earned himself over 358,000 subscribers in 2 years. His most popular video, featuring The Maldives has over 1.6million views and 2,245 comments. Lost LeBlanc’s channel would be ideal for travel companies, airlines and hotels.


travel5.jpgInternational Food Enthusiast

Kristen Sarah’s owner of HopscotchTheGlobe.com, has created a YouTube travel inspired channel where she tastes, munches and enjoys local cuisine from around the world. With an award winning blog, Kristen has since become a huge online influencer in the travel industry. Not one to shy away from local delicacies, Kristen’s most popular video relating to food, Food Porn: Amazing Indian Food has over 564,546 views and 157 comments. Kristen’s channel would work well for restaurant’s who specialise in something local and out of the ordinary. The trick with Vloggers is to predict their next destination and put together a plan of which clients might work well with them. It would be best to visit Kristen’s blog first and find out where she’s currently located and see what countries are nearby that she might travel to next. 

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