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The process of advanced biometrics & CRO testing on an insurance website

Using biometrics as part of advanced user testing on a website is something that can transform your conversion rate. The various tests and data points can be analysed to determine patterns of behaviour in users that indicate problems with the website and how it is being used. For an insurance brand, where the number of people dropping off before they complete a quote can make a huge difference to your bottom line, this type of testing can lead to on-site changes that increase conversions dramatically. Biometrics data is so useful because the instinctive reactions of the body cannot lie. By measuring physical responses to what the test subject is seeing and doing on an insurance website, the data can be attributed to specific points in the user journey where they were frustrated, annoyed, happy or particularly engaged.


Advanced UX Testing using Biometrics [Full video]

 When Hit Search run advanced user tests on a website, the nature of the specific tests and activities will differ from one project to the next, depending on the industry, the objectives of the tests and the audience being tested. We have outlined the rough process for carrying out biometric tests on an insurance website below.

Preparation phase

This phase includes audience research and identifying areas of your website that seem to be losing the most leads and determining which processes and tasks to test, which have the potential to make the most difference to your business. We will also find and engage with a group of potential test subjects to pre-qualify them for the test day.

Testing phase

This phase includes the actual test exercises, which usually take around 30 minutes for each person. Usually, the following biometric data points will be collected as the subjects are asked to complete the same tasks and activity on the website.

- Eye Tracking

- Facial Expression Analysis

- Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)

- Brain activity (EEG)

Find out more about these advanced CRO metrics here

After the biometric testing has been completed with each person, Hit Search conduct a qualitative interview to gauge how the people taking part felt about the whole experience and how they found the tasks they were asked to do.

Analysis & Feedback phase

Once the testing is complete, we analyse and combine the data from all of the angles to determine any patterns that can indicate stress, frustration or concentration from the users, and build a picture of areas in which the site could be improved to overcome the barriers identified to completing a quote or a purchase.

Follow-up & test expansion phase

The tests we run often highlight other areas of the site or marketing activity that could benefit from further testing and analysis. We report on this, giving any additional insight or recommendations to help drive more website conversions and help your insurance brand to continue to grow.

For more information about our approach to CRO testing using biometrics click here, or alternatively feel free to get in touch today on 0800 011 9715 or Enquire HERE!.

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