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Lewis Moulds

The race to position zero – there is more than one way to be found in search


If there’s a misconception that the search industry can’t seem to shake off, it’s that a business’ online success hinges on climbing to first place in Google.

Google has changed so much by mid-2016 that there are more opportunities than ever to help your customers find you in search. An SEO campaign shouldn’t be built around hitting #1 for a particular search, but rather providing as much useful information and interesting media as possible to maximise your visibility in the various facets of the new-look SERPs.

This is especially important in the wake of recent AdWords changes which have expanded the amount of first-page real estate given to PPC ads above the fold.

Quality, visible search links for organic, are available at a premium in 2016 but there are plenty of other ways for your website to be found.

Knowledge Graph

Depending on the context of a search, the best way to gain visitors from search could be via the Google Knowledge Graph. This agile hub of information to the right of standard search links is increasingly prevalent and a great way to gain traffic from the search page.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy to lock down a place in this area, but if you can gain visibility in the knowledge graph it can have considerable benefits for your brand online.

Structured Data

Another increasingly popular way to gain new visibility in search (and also stand out from the crowd of standard search links) is through structured data.

Rich snippets, and latterly rich cards, are visually enhanced portals in the search page, which provide information to the user right there on the search page, but also encourage them to click through to your website for more information.

Structured data markup is relatively simple to set up with the addition of a string of code to the website. This information instructs Google of the relevance of a page and also helps web crawlers to understand what’s there in a uniform way. From this information Google can present rich, useful information to the search user; and businesses benefit from greater visibility and another source of traffic.

Quick Answers

Google a recipe or another set of instructions and you’ll likely see this so-called rich content in your search results. Ask a direct question and you’ll probably get a direct answer.

This is another way that you can improve your visibility in search without hitting Position 1 for organic search. A quick answer box provides an answer to a question in Google from a useful and relevant source online. Part of the job of a digital marketing agency is to make you that useful and relevant source.

Direct answers sit at the very top of the search results page and this dynamic new search spot has become known as Position 0. Now, businesses are racing to reach it by proving they’re the best, most authoritative source of information.

If you think you should be answering the customer’s question, you’ll need a direct answer to your question on your website.

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