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Susie Hood

Three ways to gain key insights into the user journey of your insurance customers

The insurance sector is more competitive than ever. Whether you’re a broad-spectrum insurance firm, a company offering cover in one specific niche, or anywhere in between, understanding the customer journey from the point when people land on your website is a pivotal part of making the most of your traffic and increasing conversions. All of the best marketing strategies in the world, driving the most highly relevant people possible to your site, can’t force people to request quotes or purchase policies if your website structure, content or conversion process is the weak link in the chain. This blog offers five ways in which you can gain useful insights on how people are using your website currently, so that you can ensure you’re maximising your traffic and creating conversions paths that work.

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Segment your traffic by persona in Google Analytics

If you’re an insurance firm that doesn’t already have data-driven personas, you can find out here why it’s important and how you can do it in a way that won’t take a huge amount of resource.

Having personas to help you focus on the right customers is vital, but unless you know how these specific types of people are using your site currently, you won’t be maximising the benefit of all the work you’ve put in to developing them.

You can create custom user segments in Google Analytics that match what you know about each persona. You’re never going to get 100% accuracy, but this can help to provide great insight into how well your website is currently working for each type of customer and flag any big issues if some personas convert at a considerably worse rate than others.

Set up each segment using dimensions such as gender, age, geographical location, interests, acquisition channels and devices, based on what you already know from your persona research and name them after your individual personas. You can then compare each person segment against all users and other personas, to help flag any obvious issues when you look at their conversion paths.

Tracking the performance of these segments over time will help to clearly show when your changes and tweaks start to bring results.

Use a third-party testing tool that you can customise to reflect your target audience

There are third-party tools available, which use a panel of actual people to test your website UX. You can choose users that closely reflect your personas to ensure that the test data is as accurate as possible.

You choose tasks for them to perform e.g. find a specific type of policy or request a quote. Their web sessions are videoed, and the users are recorded explaining out loud what they are doing and thinking as they progress through the activity.

This type of data can help identify any big blockers to conversions e.g. if a user struggles to find information on a specific type of cover, or if they comment on the length of quote forms or other site annoyances.

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Biometric testing for finding issues in the user journey

Whilst user testing via video and self-commentary can be very useful, you’re very much relying on the user being totally honest as they use your site, rather than saying what they think you want to hear.

One thing that cannot lie is the human body’s physical response to stimuli. This is why biometric testing, with people that closely represent your predefined target audience, can give ultimate insight into how your customers use your site and the frustrations they encounter along the way towards buying an insurance policy.

Using technology such as eye tracking, measuring blink rate, pupil dilation, heart rate, galvanic skin response and brain activity, biometric testing can build a highly accurate picture of how your conversion journey works (or doesn’t work) and parts of the process that need refining to make it easier for more people to convert.

Find out more about biometric testing for the insurance industry here.

Using a combination of these three methods can make sure that you’re building the most rounded picture possible.

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