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Susie Hood

Tips for Working with Established Bloggers

Any business worth their weight in likes will understand the benefit of working with influencers. Whether you’re looking to grow your social media accounts, increase brand awareness or reach a specific audience online, finding the right blogger can elevate your brand and open up a whole new world of potential customers online. For businesses with a decent sized marketing budget and/or luxury products to gift in return for coverage, you might want to consider working with a range of established bloggers who can help to increase your reach and put your products or services in front of their audience.

We’ve put together some tips for working for established bloggers;

working with bloggers & influencers


Don’t get influenced by Instagram followers alone. If you can find a blogger who fits your brand beautifully and has a considerable social following and a high domain authority blog, you’re on the right track. Choosing an influencer based on their Instagram followers alone, isn’t the best idea if you’re looking to build links to your website. Follower figures can easily be faked and social media influence bears no relation to SEO. Choosing a blogger with a domain authority (DA) or domain rank (DR) blog of 25+ and an Instagram following of 50K+, you can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.


Set out your expectations and terms and conditions within a contract. When working with bloggers, we always recommend setting out your campaign terms and conditions within a contract. Details of the campaign and what the blogger is required to provide, and when, should be clearly outlined within the contract to ensure you receive a return on your investment. At Hit Search, we always have a campaign contract in place to ensure the campaign runs smoothly and our client’s receive coverage both within a blog post and across the blogger’s social media accounts, if that is the objective of the activity. Each campaign will be different so it’s important to tailor contracts accordingly.


Negotiate before agreement. Securing a campaign that is beneficial for both parties is key, but don’t be afraid to negotiate. If a blogger’s fees are out of your budget, or higher than you’d like to pay, be polite and ask if there is anything you can do to bring down the price or waive their fees in return for a gifted product. This might not always work, but as long as you’re polite and respectful, you can negotiate, since this is a business deal after all.

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