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Tools to help you become an omni-channel fashion brand

A handy tool here and there can make analysing your digital marketing channels that little bit easier. And creating an omni-channel digital marketing strategy can need a lot of analysis and measurement to really help you pinpoint where your channels will be and how you’ll actually implement the strategy successfully.

We’ve gathered together some handy tools we think could be quite beneficial when trying to determine the success of a select few digital channels!

Tools to help you become an omni-channel fashion brand

Share Tally

As the name might suggest, Share Tally is a social share measurement tool. Someone’s shared your link but they’ve used a Bitly link shortener AND they’ve not included your handle in the tweet. No worries. Paste the URL into the box and click the ‘tally it’ button. Low and behold, your social shares from across the internet are in front of your eyes. You can clearly see how many times, and through which social platform, your link has been socially shared! A great tool. This tool can help you keep on top of audience interaction, particularly with the fantastic people sharing your product links on Twitter. Making you a more responsive socially omni-channel fashion brand!


We all understand the importance of measuring the monetary value of our digital marketing tactics. But, it’s just as important to be able to measure brand awareness, particularly across social media. So, if you’re planning a social campaign and have created a bespoke hashtag for users to interact with your brand, then check out Keyhole. Keyhole can help track hashtags across Twitter and Instagram, both perfect social platforms for your fashion brand to continue delivering an omni-channel user experience. A great tool also for tracking keywords and specific URLs. Remember, to become omni-channel, your fashion brand must adopt an iterative attitude to all aspects of your digital marketing, and Keyhole can help you monitor what works and what doesn’t.

Psst. Check out our fantastic example of Keyhole used in fashion, by downloading our omni-channel eBook at the end of this post!

Google Analytics

Most fashion sites embed the Google Analytics code into every one of their webpages. So, if you haven’t you should look into getting this implemented pretty sharpish. Google Analytics, as you’re most probably aware, is an analytics platform. But, it doesn’t just enable you to analyse your generic site traffic. Google Analytics is the perfect tool to scrutinise the value of your digital marketing channels. You can extract custom reports, set conversion goals, see whether a site visit was from an organic, direct or referral source and much more. The perfect tool to help your brand become truly omni-channel!

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