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Top 3 social media tools every law firm should use

Social media tools can make managing your social accounts so much easier! Gaining insight across the separate channels can be tricky, and not to mention, time consuming. We’ve gathered 3 social media tools every law firm should use – we hope you find them useful!

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3 social media tools every law firm should use

Google Analytics

Although this isn’t solely a social media tool, Google Analytics can help your firm understand exactly who is coming to your site and from which channel. If you can’t measure how many visits your social posts are generating, what’s the point?? By measuring traffic from social sources to your site, your firm can really get a taste for which channels are the biggest drivers, and therefore the channels you should maybe invest more in to further boost traffic. It’s important your analysis doesn’t just stop there, you need to also analyse where it is your social traffic goes to after the page they’ve landed on.


If you feel you’re not quite ready to commit to a paid social management platform, then look no further than Hootsuite! They offer both free and paid for packages, and within their free package you can obtain a whole host of useful social insights. With the free package you can add up to three social media accounts. Not only does this platform help you save time as a legal marketer, it helps you measure and manage the growth of your social account, helps you keep tabs on the competition and it makes sure you never miss an opportunity to engage with your community.  


Pixlr is just one of many free online image creation tools. This platform has many image manipulation tools, so you can create eye-catching imagery for your social channels. From cover photos and profile pictures, to images accompanying your posts, they all play an important part in your social media marketing tactics. It was reported by HubSpot, that researchers found that coloured visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%. So, if that’s not a reason you should be posting great images – we don’t know what is!

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