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Helen Jackson

Top 3 takeaways from past social Christmas campaigns in fashion

Social media can be a real asset to any brand’s marketing strategy. Access to over 15m active users (just on Twitter in the UK alone!) offers immense potential to market your brand socially, boosting your brand awareness and, ultimately, positively impacting your bottom line.

We’ve compiled 3 of the best takeaways for your fashion brand from past social Christmas campaigns. Why not try some (or all of them) out for yourself!

Takeaway #1 – Game-based competitions work

Last year, fashion giant Ted Baker encouraged users to reconnect with a Christmassy version of everyone’s childhood favourite, Where’s Wally?, only, they replaced Wally and his red and white striped jumper, with elves. Creating a bit of excitement around their Christmas competition, with prizes including a trip to the Northern Lights! The game took place across their Instagram account. Equipped with a branded hashtag #TedsElfie (see what they did there?), a great set of hand-drawn images and helpful hints and tips on their website, the buzz around the competition paid off for the brand. According to Momentology, Ted Baker’s dedicated Instagram account, @TedsElfie, accumulated, 3,500 followers, as of December 16th last year. Pretty impressive for a competition-only Instagram account.

Takeaway #2 – User-generated campaign content can be simple, but very effective

Back in 2013, Topshop had an inspired idea to help engage their social following on Pinterest and promote specific products over the festive season with their ‘Dear Topshop’ Christmas campaign. The brand encouraged their followers to create dedicated Pinterest boards, pinning content from the brand’s Pinterest page and creating their ‘perfect’ Christmas Day. With their users sharing their own boards on their Pinterest accounts, Topshop created self-made brand advocates out of all competition entrants all competing for a chance to win a welcomed £500 shopping spree with the brand. According to the Marketing Magazine, Topshop showcased the top pinned products on their website and, with all store assistants equipped with campaign-related t-shirts and iPads to help all customers understand their campaign, all channels united to pull off a top-class Christmas campaign.

Takeaway #3 – Humour-induced Christmas campaigns can work a treat

This year Mulberry have sent tongues wagging with their slightly daring, but comedic take on the birth of baby Jesus, only instead of baby Jesus it’s a Mulberry handbag! Although predominantly a TV campaign, Mulberry have started a multi-channel approach to their Win a Mulberry bag competition off the back of the ad. Their competition is cleverly surrounding the TV advert itself, with competition entrants having to watch the TV advert to find the answer to the competition question. The competition has been promoted across their social media accounts including, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Read more about Mulberry’s Christmas campaign, and how you can adapt their approach for your Fashion Brand this Christmas here

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