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A/B testing can help improve your conversion rates

The fashion industry is a volatile one and it’s never been more important to sustain a competitive advantage so, how can you unravel your website’s potential? Here at Hit Search, we can help you mould the key to unlock improved conversion rates with these top five tips!


1. Create a comprehensive value proposition

Creating a comprehensive value proposition will enable you to effectively communicate exactly what is different about your business. It is important this is circulated and understood by all members of staff. If you don’t know why people should buy from you, how will your customers ever know?

You’ve now created your value proposition, that’s it finished now, right? Nope. You need to constantly review and optimise your proposition, otherwise your competition will get the upper hand and steal away all your customers with all their fabulously unique values!


2. A/B test your web pages

A/B testing, more commonly known as split testing, is a fantastic way to directly compare the same web page with two different approaches. For example, you can test many different elements including page titles, site layout, colour and navigation. Split testing is a great way to find out exactly which version of the same page converts more visitors so it is well worth some time investment!

There are many split testing tools out there, but if you’re just getting started and don’t want to eat into your marketing budget yet, we recommend the free Content Experiment Tool from Google Analytics. When gathering the results of your split test, it’s important that both pages receive a large amount of exposure to your target markets so, when you reach the reviewing stage of your split test, you can be sure they are trustworthy, as the results aren’t just based on 10 visitors, they’re based on a large sample size.


3. Listen to your customers

Your customers are your most valuable aspect of your business. You know that but do you listen to them? Customer feedback is gold. The more of it you can collect, the more engaged, personable and open your relationship with your customers will be. Not only does listening to and acting on their feedback help your website conversion rates, it shows that as a company, what your customers think matters to you!

Customer survey statistics can be a great way to boost some positive company brand awareness too, so it’s a win-win situation. (It’ll also help you stay on top of market trends and help you to continually improve your products, hurrah!)


4. Make your products even more accessible

According to Econsultancy, a massive 32% of UK consumers make purchases on a smartphone so it’s important that your products are accessible to both the mass market and emerging markets. With the latest Google Algorithm, nicknamed ‘Mobilegeddon’, favouring mobile optimised sites, they truly value user experience over everything and so should your brand - so get mobile optimised!

Social network platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest, are also making it much easier for Fashion brands to get their products noticed. At the end of June 2015, Pinterest rolled out the ‘buyable pin’ feature, which is great news for Fashion brands. Wherever the blue pin ‘Buy it’ pops up on an image, the user can immediately purchase the item without even leaving the Pinterest network! So, armed with some great product images, your Fashion brand can captialise on the social media market alongside Fashion giants including Macy’s.


 5. Keep it simple

Adopting a simple user journey through your site, can play an important role when improving your website’s conversion rates. If your website is filled with irrelevant images, too many calls to action, or numerous menus, you may need to rethink your layout because you’re just creating distractions.

Reiterating the same calls to action throughout your site will clarify exactly what you want your customers to do and where to go to do it. It’s important that you reinforce consistency throughout your site design, button positioning and content formats. You want to make your website as user friendly as is humanly possible! It’s just as important to discuss exactly what to include in your main navigation too, as HubSpot highlights, “it could mean the difference between a website conversion and a bounce.”


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