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Susie Hood

Top international beauty brands killing it on Instagram

Our fashion team always keep their digital marketing ears close to the ground when it comes to the social media space and below is a collection of the top brands we have noticed killing it on Instagram.



  • MAC Cosmetics

Instagram Followers: 16.1 million

Instagram Account: @maccosmetics

Strategy: Branded hashtags to create an Instagram community.

With 16.1 million followers, MAC Cosmetics populate their Instagram feed with seasonal makeup inspiration along and make-up swatches to promote their highly pigmented pallets. Mixing image carousel posts with promotional high quality video material, MAC Cosmetics are smashing the Instagram game. Always one step ahead, MAC are promoting the next big cosmetic trends before anyone else, to keep their following of professional make-up artists, beauty bloggers and Instagram influencers on top of the latest trends. Using a select number of brand related hashtags, such as #MACxVicCeridono #MACGirls and #MACArtistChallenge, MAC have quickly built up a network of followers who actively engage with the brand on Instagram, which is a hugely effective way of generating organic engagement and reaching your target audience with every post.



  • Too Faced

Instagram Followers: 9.2 million

Instagram Account: @toofaced

Strategy: Use their Instagram feed as a platform to promote makeup artists, models and beauty bloggers. 

A super girly and fun Instagram feed, Too Faced are sparking an increasing level of customer engagement on Instagram thanks to their strategy. By reposting Instagram users that have used their products and directly tagged them into a post, Too Faced show their appreciation to their Instagram following and reward their loyal fans with a repost on their official account. By offering the incentive of being featured on their official Instagram feed, Too Faced are giving make-up artists and beauty bloggers a valuable platform to earn followers and exposure on Instagram. This winning strategy of incentive and reward creates a snowball effect, as more Too Faced fans attempt to be featured on their feed and start to tag them in more posts.


  • NARS

Instagram Followers: 4.6 million

Instagram Account: @narsissist

Strategy: Using colour blocks to promote seasonal cosmetics lines and trends.

Optimising their Instagram feed through colour, NARS have developed an eye for detail when it comes to posting on Instagram. Effortlessly switching from one colour scheme to another, NARS are able to achieve a consistent, professional and pleasing Instagram feed. Starting with this summer’s hottest colour- pink hue, NARS have been able to visually categorise their summer line of cosmetics by posting 30 consecutive pink toned posts. This makes it extremely easy to see the products that are perfect for summer and those after which are moving towards their early autumn range.



  • Lush Cosmetics

Instagram Followers: 3.9 million

Instagram Account: @lushcosmetics

Strategy: Video demonstrations of products in use. Vibrant colours that pop.

Lush are experimenting with splashes of colour, enticing video demonstrations and behind the scenes content on Instagram. A real treat for your eyes, Lush are brilliantly promoting their psychedelic bath bombs and soaps on Instagram by pulling you in with colouring popping posts and video demonstrations of how their products react in water. Each post leaves you with the desire to touch, smell and feel their latest product which is key to their success marketing campaign. Nothing is better than a video that leaves you wanting more.


  • YSL Beauty

Instagram Followers: 2.8 million

Instagram Account: @yslbeauty

Strategy: Using Instagram as a platform to promote video content and ads.

5 out of the past 10 Instagram posts from YSL Beauty have been promotional video content taken directly from their new ad. This clever cosmetic brand are demonstrating how video is quickly becoming king on Instagram especially after the introduction of the increasingly popular Instagram stories, which is now a massive feature. Jumping on the “squad”, “gang” and “team” community spirit on Instagram, YSL Beauty are playing with their customer’s loyalties by asking their audience to pick a particular colour from their latest collection and stick to that colour. This will help to create hype around the new collection and allow the brand to use relevant hashtags to categorise each team/colour.


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