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Five common ecommerce website CRO / conversion mistakes (and how to fix them)

It can often be surprising what gets in the way of making online sales and those who develop and use a specific ecommerce website regularly are often blinded by familiarity, so find it difficult..

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How To Convert Web Visitors Into Enquiries

If your website attracts a lot of traffic that’s great, but it won’t actually result in accepted cases unless you’re able to convert those online visitors. We have put together some tips to help..

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4 legal conversion rate trends for 2016 that your firm needs to know!

Conversion rate optimisation is a powerful and cost effective strategy within the legal marketing world and in 2016 there are a number of legal conversion rate trends your firm should know about...

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Legal podcast: Build a conversion rate plan and win new business today!

Did you know that only 52% of legal firms that use landing pages also test them to find out they can increase conversions.

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Website Performance Indicators | Key Performance Indicators for Sites

Your legal firm’s website is hugely important for a whole number of reasons, but mostly to give you a space in the digital world, where you can tell your story, share your firm’s services and let..

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Legal eBook: Drive new cases today with conversion rate optimisation!

Did you know that legal firms using conversion rate optimisation tools see an average ROI of 223%!

In our latest legal eBook we guide you through five quick and simple steps that you can use today..

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Legal podcast: Generate new cases with your legal website today!

Did you know that only 22% of legal firms are satisfied with their conversion rate?

In the first two episodes of our legal conversion rate optimisation podcast series, we take a look at how to..

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Mobile CRO | Mobile Conversion Rate Optimisation

Thinking about the performance of your legal mobile website? Do you understand how potential claimant's interaction will differ between it and your desktop site? If you don’t your conversion..

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Landing Pages Law Firm: Optimise Law Firm Landing Pages

The landing pages on your legal website are the greatest tools you have at your disposal to increase conversion rate and generate new legal cases. So here are four fantastic ways you can optimise..

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Learn how your firm can solve the 3 most common A/B test problems

A/B testing is a highly effective method of finding out what works and what doesn’t on your legal website, allowing you to compare the effectiveness of several elements against one and other. But..

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