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5 important things to get right with online display advertising for retail

Online display is a powerful tool for retail brands, but if you aren’t using banners and ad creative in the right way, your campaign could be ineffective or worse irritating.

We recently set to..

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Why should cruise brands understand and use programmatic display?

Cruise holidays are fun and luxurious and unforgettable -- but they’re not for everybody. It’s the job of the cruise marketing team to generate awareness for their brand, by positioning ads in..

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How cruise brands can sail in the right direction with programmatic display

These days, no cruise provider can be without programmatic display and Real Time Bidding (RTB) as part of their arsenal to ensure best value out of their marketing spend. Right now, it’s even..

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No Cookies For Facebook, But It’s Still Following You Around


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Twitter Now Offering New Mobile Targeting Options

Twitter increases its reach to mobile users by offering advertisers the opportunity to target customers via their mobile carrier and those with new devices.

In addition to its already impressive..

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Robots Are Looking At Your Social Media Pictures

As two major breakthroughs in the world of image recognition software begin to pique the interest of online marketers, artificial intelligence starts to prove its use in the world of advertising..

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Is Artificial Intelligence A Marketers Worst Nightmare Or Best Friend?

Opinion will forever be divided on the subject of artificial intelligence; some of us will look at Arnie’s role in Terminator or Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and shudder at the thought of..

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Can Fashion & Retail ‘challenger’ brands compete using TV?

The short answer is yes!

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Programmatic Display Buying Explained

For some months now, the latest Digital Marketing spends seem to be rolling towards Programmatic Display Buying. But why and what is all the hype about?

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Dynamic Retargeting on Facebook: Hit Search Likes This

We’ve spoken a lot here on the Hit Search blog about the power of retargeting, and if you’re working on a retail site, it’s something you should already know plenty about.

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