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Retailers: How to boost the performance of your email marketing

There are many marketers who think email marketing is an old-fashioned marketing tactic, that fails to deliver results, and that’s simply not the case. Did you know that 53% of emails are opened..

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How to obtain highly-relevant leads for your law firm

Obtaining highly-relevant leads for your law firm is a top priority and through a clear understanding of your ideal potential claimants you can ensure your firm’s marketing tactics are targeted to..

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Why email should play a big part in your law firm’s marketing strategy

Email marketing is a crucial tactic for any law firm’s strategy, why? Well there are over 205 billion emails sent and received each day and over 2.6 billion active email accounts. If these..

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How To Increase Conversion Rate in Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for quite some time; with the first ever email campaign being sent to a few hundred recipients back in 1978. Now we send well over 120 billion emails per hour. But..

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Email marketing content tips: how to write effective email marketing content

Email marketing can be a great conversion tool for your legal practice, but its success usually hinges on how good your copy is. Here are eight quick tips which will help you write amazing copy..

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How to please your e-commerce customers

It’s important that as an e-commerce brand, you endeavour to continually please your customers. Coming up with innovative and creative ways to do this can be difficult. That’s why we’ve gathered..

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How to make sure your fashion marketing emails are opened

There are a lot of spam emails floating around, we’ve all come across them. Whether it’s mail you don’t remember signing up for (and probably didn’t sign up for!), or emails you have signed up for..

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