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Hit Search shortlisted for 'Influencer Marketing/Outreach company of the year' Blogosphere 2019 Award

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Weeding out ‘fake’ influencers from your retail brand campaigns

If you’re a retail brand that works with (or wants to work with) influencers as part of your marketing activity, you won’t have failed to notice a recent increase in stories and buzz around ‘fake’..

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Social proof: the value of using customer UGC to amplify brand awareness in retail

For many online retailers, especially those who are not yet a household name, social media can play a huge role in raising awareness of your brand amongst your target audience. Getting people to..

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Tips for using Google Search Console to monitor SEO performance on a retail website

Monitoring webpage performance for a retail website is key for a number of reasons, the main one being that when analysed and implemented well, SEO can help to meet many of your business..

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Digital vs Traditional: Which PR style is most useful today?

The age-old debate of digital versus traditional has once again reared its head and this time, it involves the effectiveness of PR methods – both new and old. The purpose of PR, on the whole,..

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Social Influencer Marketing | Social Media Influencers & Marketing

Social media marketing and working with influencers have long been seen primarily as brand awareness and engagement tools rather than sales-drivers. However, there are ways to leverage these..

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GDPR and Bloggers – Handy Tips to Becoming GDPR Compliant

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, I’m sure you’ve spotted the social media conversations surrounding GDPR and the impending regulations that apply to all..

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Fashion Influencer Marketing | Fashion Industry & Influencer Marketing

When everyone from ASOS to Zara, from high street or online to designer labels, are using influencer campaigns as part of their marketing output, it can be tempting for any fashion brand trying to..

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Tap into influencer marketing: 4 bloggers discuss best practices for brands

We think influencer marketing is going to be big in 2017, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to talk to 4 bloggers, to get the inside scoop around working with bloggers, how they see the..

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