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Three ways to gain key insights into the user journey of your insurance customers

The insurance sector is more competitive than ever. Whether you’re a broad-spectrum insurance firm, a company offering cover in one specific niche, or anywhere in between, understanding the..

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Why insurance firms need to use online customer personas

It’s commonly accepted that in order for any company’s marketing efforts to be effective, knowing who you are trying to reach, what motivates them and what kind of problems need solving, is vital,..

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A biometrics and neuroscience review of Compare the Market’s AutoSergei™ advert

If you haven’t yet seen the video ad that has been all over our TVs and popping up online since just after Christmas last year, where have you been hiding? Whether you’re a fan of the..

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Biometrics & Neuroscience for CRO: What does a conversion rate strategy informed by this data look like?

If your online business invests in advanced CRO testing using biometrics technology and neuroscience to see how your target audience are currently using your website, it’s important to understand..

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Five essential third party tools for every digital content creator

Anyone working in the planning, creation and roll out of branded content for any brand, whether b2b or b2c, will be accustomed to the challenges that come with making campaigns as successful as..

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The process of advanced biometrics & CRO testing on an insurance website

Using biometrics as part of advanced user testing on a website is something that can transform your conversion rate. The various tests and data points can be analysed to determine patterns of..

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Biometrics, neuroscience and seasonality in online retail

Whatever type of retailer you are, there are likely to be seasonal influences that mean your target audience are looking for certain things from you at particular times of the year, with a variety..

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What data is collected in advanced user testing using biometrics?

Biometrics is a word that evokes futuristic ideas, something that is almost sci-fi. However, biometrics is already here and is a big part of our daily lives. From biometric passports to using our..

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What is biometric technology and how can marketers use it?

The dictionary definition of biometry is ‘the application of statistical analysis to biological data’. Biometrics is the measurement and analysis of people’s characteristics and behaviours and is..

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Insurance: Compliance V Creativity

Compliance V Creativity

Insurance can be a difficult industry to market online, especially when you consider the rules and regulations that compliance requires insurance and financial companies..

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