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Hit Search to release legal sector digital benchmark report

The team at digital marketing agency Hit Search, has been working on a very comprehensive legal sector benchmark report. If you’ve ever wondered where your law firm ranked organically against the..

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Attract more web visitors by outreaching your firm's content

If you don’t already outreach content, then this post is the perfect read for you! Outreach marketing plays an important role when trying to attract more visitors to your firm’s website. Check out..

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Here are 5 benefits of pay-per-click advertising your firm can enjoy

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, is a digital marketing tactic that can help your firm quickly discover, which ads are captivating your audience and which just aren’t as relevant as you thought..

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A step-by-step guide to self-generating case enquiries

We've created a series of eBooks to help you every step of the way when generating your own case enquiries. The first eBook of the series is about how to understand your audience to ensure your..

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How to increase your firm's blog traffic

Are you churning posts out on your firm’s blog, day after day, but you don’t seem to be getting anywhere? We’ve shared our 4 tips to increase your blog traffic below! We hope this helps guide you..

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How to increase targeted traffic to your firm’s site: key strategic principles for legal marketers

If attracting great-quality leads to your firm’s legal site is your ultimate campaign goal, take a look at the steps I’ve outlined below to avoid attracting unqualified traffic which may..

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[Part 1] How to convert and measure your legal audience effectively

I’ve been working with law firms across the UK for coming up to 10 years and there are two consistent themes that this work brings me into contact with frequently: conversion rate & measurement.So..

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[INFOGRAPHIC] How to convert web visitors into enquiries

Below we've outlined our four-step process for generating your own case enquiries. Click the graphic to access your copy of the .ultimate guide to self-generating case enquiries!

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3 content tools to help you brainstorm new ideas for your firm

Tools are a marketer’s best friend, they make your job that little bit easier – particularly when it comes to content idea generation for your firm.

With so many tools out there, where are you..

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4 marketing strategies for your law firm to try in 2017

Trying out new digital marketing strategies can be a bit of a gamble, you constantly ask yourself ‘what happens if it fails miserably?’ But, have you thought about what happens if your gamble pays..

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