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How client testimonials help your firm's site visitors convert

Testimonial pages can serve as an important platform for building trust and encouraging conversions. According to the Law Gazette’s Legal Service Consumer Panel, almost a quarter of those surveyed..

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3 ways social media can help your firm increase its conversion rate

Many law firms still see social media as a ‘nice to have’ because it’s good to have a presence on the platforms where your potential leads spend their time. However, by relegating social media to..

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Why email marketing should play a major role in your firm's digital strategy

The UK Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has stated in their Email Tracking Report 2017 that email is still consumers’ number one preferred marketing channel. Email can be an effective way to..

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Why have we created a digital benchmark report for the legal sector?

The mission at Hit Search is to create unique digital marketing campaigns and comprehensive online lead generation strategies for legal brands.

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How Google’s organic search features can help you generate enquiries for your firm’s website

I previously wrote about key strategic principles for legal marketers to help attract quality traffic to your firm’s legal site. Today, I’ll be doing a deep dive into Google’s organic search..

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 How to measure the progress of your firm’s campaigns

Measuring the progress of your legal firm’s marketing campaigns is a vital part of the entire process – without measuring the campaigns, you will be unable to tell if they are successful or not...

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The legal sector: Digital opportunities for your law firm in 2017


With the UK legal industry currently turning over a reputed £33 billion a year in revenue, despite a slight post-EU referendum downturn in 2016, due to a lull in corporate confidence, this is a..

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Law firms: How to track your conversions effectively

Increasing your relevant website traffic and using great content to help turn those visitors into enquiries and conversions is vital for every law firm who wants to succeed online; but, an area..

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Are you surprised to find this law firm is the top organic performer?

It’s important to be able to confidently benchmark yourself against your competitors in the legal sector, so what better way to do it than through our digital benchmark report? Our report uncovers..

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[Part 2] How to convert and measure your legal audience effectively

Following on from my previous blog on this topic (here), I have continued to highlight some tips and tricks below to help your firm convert and measure your audience more effectively.

So let’s..

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