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Google Algorithm Mobile: Google's Update To Mobile First


Google’s algorithm has been constantly evolving since the search engine was founded in 1998. Although the first smartphones were released in the mid-1990s, the use of them didn’t become..

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Mobile first indexing - and what it means for retail brands

Earlier this year, Google announced that it would be changing the way it indexes pages to a “mobile-first” algorithm, in keeping with the shift in how the majority of people use search.  In short;..

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Use Rich Cards and Showcase Shopping Ads to drive your brand's sales

Google continually update their services to provide both users and brands with a great experience, but their two latest updates, one SEO focused and the other PPC, could have a big effect on..

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Why your fashion brand needs to invest in mobile

Today’s world is a mobile world. According to the Mobile Marketing Magazine, 7 in 10 people now own a smartphone in the UK. If you haven’t yet invested in mobile marketing, or only devote a small..

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At a glance review of Demon-Tweeks.co.uk – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Online retailers need to make sure that their customer journey, from landing to checkout, is as seamless as possible. If your customers can navigate your website easily, find what they want and..

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50% of your mobile traffic is now coming from a mobile device. Now what?

If you’re finding that 50% of traffic to your website is coming from mobile devices, you’ll want to know why and how you can appeal to these users in the best way possible.

Many of the leading..

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Breaking News – Facebook Leaks Information About Instagram Advertising


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Put The Wind Back In Your Sales – 5 Must See Mobile Marketing Tips For Cruise Providers

All businesses have the potential to increase awareness, loyalty and ultimately conversions by integrating an effective mobile strategy into their online marketing campaign. In fact, businesses..

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Google Mobile Algorithm Case Study – These Two Fashion Brands Need Help, And Fast

The 21st of April will potentially spell disaster for a wide range of prominent brands in fashion and retail. Google’s mobile algorithm update is here and it’s taking no prisoners whatsoever.


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No Cookies For Facebook, But It’s Still Following You Around


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