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Top PPC tips for the travel industry

The world of digital marketing is forever changing, and the way people travel and book their trips has changed beyond recognition in the last couple of decades. Paid search plays a big part in..

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The Most Inspirational Travel Vloggers on YouTube

YouTube has given travellers, digital nomads and freelancers an extremely valuable platform to earn a living. Documenting their daily lives on YouTube helps fund their adventures around the world,..

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What is programmatic display advertising and how’s it changing the travel market?

Programmatic display advertising is already taking the UK by storm. According to a study conducted by eMarketer, the UK is a market leader and programmatic display advertising will account for..

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3 reasons your travel bookings are failing to increase on mobile

We share three reasons your travel brand could be failing to increase its mobile bookings.

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4 ways mobile SEO will help your travel brand increase bookings

Not getting as many bookings through mobile as you’d like? The mobile segment is only set to grow so make sure your travel brand has the correct measures and tactics in place to be able to convert..

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3 steps to follow to optimise your travel brand for local search 

It has been estimated by Search Engine Land, that 1 in 3 customers will conduct a local search on a smartphone device before visiting a shop or a store. So if your travel brand particularly has..

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How to ensure your travel brand is geared towards the mobile user

With many customers across different sectors now using their mobile phone to bank, buy clothes and book holidays, your travel brands need to make sure it isn’t missing out on potentially large..

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Why optimise your travel brand's meta descriptions for the mobile user?

Your meta description summarises your page to the search engine but it also acts as the first impression of your business for many users scrolling down the search results pages. Using a balance of..

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Why your travel brand should conduct separate mobile keyword research

Before the mobile audience became so large, businesses could get away with lumping the two SEO strategies together as there wasn’t a big enough market to dictate completely separate strategies, it..

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