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Jenny Maddock

Understand your firm’s audience: 4 ways to get to know them better

Knowing your audience is crucial if you want to start increasing the number of inbound case enquiries your firm currently generates.

That’s why I’m sharing 4 ways you can start to get to know them properly; making your marketing tactics more targeted helping you pull in those sought after case enquiries.

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who is your audience made up of?

1. Surveys

Sending surveys out to your current client base can help you build a picture of who your audience is made up of and how they best consume both your content and wider industry content. Where do they think to visit as soon as they need to read up on legal advice? Finding the answers to questions such as this one can really help your firm scope out how to plan a strategy to increase your inbound case enquiries.

2. Research social media interactions

Watching how your audience interacts across social media and taking note of what engages them, can help you understand your audience that little bit more. What kind of content is shared most frequently? What kind of content evokes a passionate opinion? These answers can help you form an idea of what you could look to produce content-wise that would get a similar reaction from your audience. Just taking that time to observe how your social community reacts online can open your eyes to what kind of people make up your audience.

3. Know your clients on a personal level

Sending surveys out, as mentioned above, can be a great way to obtain new information about your clients. But, getting to know them personally, perhaps in person or over the phone, can bring with it a much more truthful and useful insight into the way your audience thinks about your business and can open your eyes to their behaviour online. If you’re not able to speak personally with your clients, make sure there’s a process in place for the solicitor or business development person to feed back any thoughts or barriers the clients have had both with your business and in the wider industry. It’s important to be able to reinforce trust throughout your content, and if you can address the audience’s real life problems within your marketing materials, you’re more likely to engage your audience going forward.

4. Build persona profiles

All the above three points surround a data gathering approach, so building your persona profiles is where you can bring all your newly found knowledge together. Building a clear semi-fictional representation of your ideal client can help keep your firm on track to achieve its inbound case enquiry targets. You can build your persona profiles from scratch using our free templates, here.

I’m speaking at our free legal workshop on Thursday 23rd March. I’ll talk you through exactly how you can understand your audience and I’ll also be discussing why it’s important for your firm to set smart goals. Don’t miss out – register for your free tickets today!

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