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Understand your firm's audience by asking these 7 questions 

We’ve gathered together 7 questions you should answer in order to begin to understand your firm’s audience.

understand your firm's audience by asking these 7 questions

1. Does your audience tend to be male or female?

This is an important demographic aspect to understand, men and women could have a completely different user journey. For example, men might prefer using their voice search phone feature to search for more conversational keyword phrases. And women might first research online but then call around different law firms for pricing/strategy.

2. What are their communication preferences? E.g. email, phone, text, etc.

The answer to this question can help define your entire campaign, should you invest heavier in follow up calling any prospects? If their communication preference is email, should you invest in marketing automation software to help really nurture your mailing list through email marketing?

3. What are their goals?

Your audience’s goals need to be present throughout your digital marketing campaigns. If you show you understand their goals, you’ll become more relatable and personable to them.

4. What are their challenges?

Similar to their goals, you need to understand what’s blocking them. What are their barriers and common objections to approaching a law firm like yours?

5. How can your firm help this person achieve their goals and overcome their challenges?

This is where your firm start to think about how you’d actually go about addressing these goals and challenges, and through which marketing channels you could do so. If trust and credibility are challenges your audience has, then maybe looking into collecting more client testimonials would help relieve some of those problems.

6. Why wouldn’t this person enquire about your legal services?

This question can address all kinds of issues your audience may experience. Issues including if your law firm has had a particularly bad reputation perhaps and as a result, they might not even consider approaching you. The issue could be more generic, for example, they might not know the success rates of a case like theirs so they don’t want to waste their time or money.

7. If you had 60 seconds to pitch your firm and why you’re a good fit for this person, what would you say?

This is a roundup question, usually answered toward the end of creating your audience profile. This answer should sum up everything you would share with your persona that would reassure them, instilling trust and credibility and, of course, your unique selling point over other firms in your niche.

Want 9 more questions? Download our complete persona templates here and start building a picture of your audience from scratch.

how to understand your potential legal clients

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