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Matthew Crehan

Use Rich Cards and Showcase Shopping Ads to drive your brand's sales

Google continually update their services to provide both users and brands with a great experience, but their two latest updates, one SEO focused and the other PPC, could have a big effect on increasing the sales of your fashion brand, with little work and spend from you. Read on below to see what they are and how you can use them to increase sales today!

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Rich Cards – What are they?

A ‘Rich Card’ is Google’s new re-branding name for rich snippets, which use structured data mark-ups to improve SEO performance. The new ‘Rich Cards’ come with a new design which takes up more real estate in search results and is aimed at appealing to mobile users (though Rich Cards have been rolled out across desktops as well).

But what does this mean for your fashion brand?

By using structured data mark-ups on your e-commerce site you can control how search engines interpret and deliver your data in search results, allowing you to add that all important information such as product price, rating and special offers.

To do this you need to use the product, offer and rating schemas from schema.org.

Doing this allows search engines to display your products in a more creative manner within search results, taking up more of that desired first-page real estate and making your fashion items stand out from those standard organic searches, therefore increasing the chances of click-throughs and generating sales.

Google’s Showcase Shopping Ads – What are they?

Google announced that by the end of July 2016 it will be launching a new ad format for broad, non-branded product searches such as “women’s summer dresses”. The reason being that over 40% of product search queries are for those types of broad terms.

In the past, Google didn't show any form of product listing ads for such terms, but going forward they plan to use what they’re calling Showcase Shopping Ads.

These Showcase Shopping Ads will allow fashion brands to showcase a main image, two smaller side images and a promotional message at the top of search result pages within a carousel.

After clicking on a Showcase Shopping Ad, a user will be taken to a specially designed Google-hosted landing page featuring a range of your brand's related items. And don’t worry you’re only charged when a user clicks through from an item on the landing page, not from the showcase ad on the search results page.

This looks to be a powerful paid advertising tool for fashion brands to showcase a host of relevant products for rather broad search terms, which in the past would have been a challenge to try and rank organically for.  

With an early uptake of these two new Google services, you can ensure your fashion brand is at the forefront of both organic and paid search results, with little extra work and cost to you, but with the real opportunity to increase your brand's sales.

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