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What are your law firm’s website CRO plans? – 3 simple strategies

Conversion rate optimisation is a recent trend and bridges the gap where SEO stops and content marketing comes into play. But at its very basic components CRO is simply finding what isn’t working on your legal website and fixing it. But what exactly are your firm’s website conversion optimisation plans? Well here are three simple strategies you can start to implement today!

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3 legal website conversion strategies

A/B Testing

In legal cases it’s all about evidence, evidence and evidence, well when it comes to conversion rate optimisation it’s all about testing, testing and more testing!

And the simplest and most common form of CRO testing is an A/B test. Here you can investigate the performance of a single element, using a control sample and a modified group, looking to see if the changes optimise your conversion rate.

If it doesn’t then it’s just a matter of returning to the drawing board and trying something different but you’ve now gained some valuable information about your ideal claimants so your test’s results can never be considered a failure. If the changes do show a positive effect on your firm’s conversion rate then you can make those changes across the rest of your site.

Changes might be as simple as changing your ‘news’ page title to ‘blog’ or altering the placement of your call-to-actions, to a full website re-design.

Why not check out this blog where we detail exactly how to perfrom an A/B test for your legal firm.


Build Trust and Authority

With the legal sector trust and authority are key commodities, without them potential claimants won’t be willing to divulge the important information that you’ll need to make a strong case on their behalf.

So it’s important that the first impressions they receive from your website establish that trust and authority and here are three ways you can do just that:

  • Great site and great user experience – Make sure that you have a professional website that is easy to use and navigate. Cutting corners on your site’s design will only devalue your firm and the services you offer.
  • Real firm with real people – Show that there is a real firm behind your website, with real people who have an array of knowledge and experience within the legal sector. The best way to do this is to include your firms address and ways which potential claimants can get in touch as well as providing a team page, showing the real faces of your firm and the skills and knowledge they have.
  • Evidence of trust – Create case studies and provide client testimonials to show exactly how much others trust and value the services your firm has to offer. People will always listen to the voice of others over your own.


Add incentive to take action

Finally a very simple strategy that will generate new cases immediately is adding incentives for your potential claimants to take action while on your legal site. This might be a simple offer such as receiving a free thirty minute consultation with one of your solicitors or a reduction in your fees if a case is opened within a certain date range. By creating a sense of urgency through applying a limited time period to your CTAs you add an incentive for your potential claimants to act then and there to make the most of your offer.

 Download our Legal CRO eBook

By utilising these three simple strategies you can begin to answer the question of what your firm’s conversion rate optimisation plan is and how you will go about implementing it and increasing the number of cases your firm generates through your legal website. 


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