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Helen Jackson

Why bother with mobile marketing in ecommerce? Here's why!

According to Retail Research, ecommerce is the fastest growing retail market in Europe and North America. And, with mobile commerce steadily picking up pace over the past few years, as a retailer, you can’t afford to ignore the growing market of the mobile customer. In fact, Econsultancy reported that the UK retail industry is sacrificing an overwhelming £6.6bn per year, due to lack of investment into its mobile offering. So in a world where out smartphones rarely leave our side, why is it that retailers are failing to capitalise on the mobile commerce revolution?

So, why bother with mobile marketing in ecommerce? Here's why:

why bother with mobile marketing in ecommerce?

Trend prediction for 2016…

Threw up some interesting ideas surrounding the growth of customer experience teams over user experience teams. With customer experience encompassing a lot more elements than user experience, as James Gurd owner of Digital Juggler highlights, customer experience involves complimentary skills such as customer insight and qualitative and quantitative research. Gurd says, customer experience requires someone with strategic vision and an understanding of customer insight. It’s also clear that the predicted shift from visitor analysis to customer analysis, a trend predicted by Stuart McMillan, Deputy Head of Ecommerce at Schuh, will also become increasingly crucial to how retailers analyse data. This will also help inform their mobile strategies going forward, with a much more customer-centric goal, rather than simply focusing on numbers.

Research undertaken by the Centre for Retail Research (CRR), found that 66%...

Of retailers said investment in mobile would help them drive growth, and 88% said they believed they would get more visits in-store as a result of that investment. Therefore, at Hit Search, we think it’s time you took your head out of the sand and started moulding your customer experience around your mobile customers, before you become so far behind the competition, you struggle to catch up!

Cross-channel and omni-channel marketing…

Play an important role when delivering a successful mobile marketing strategy. Appealing to all of your buyer personas, offering a seamless experience regardless of device or channel - is a tall order. And, with growing competition from retailers who continue to raise the bar with faster and easier delivery and payment options, there isn’t time for your fashion brand to stop and think about whether or not it’s going to invest in mobile. The simple answer is, you need to; if you don’t invest in mobile you’ll struggle.

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