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Helen Jackson

Why content marketing fails in the legal sector

A lot of firms, and businesses in general, can be put off by content marketing tactics as it doesn’t necessarily deliver immediate results; particularly when compared to paid search or paid social channels.

It’s a tactic that requires careful targeting, planning and perseverance. If you’re wondering whether your firm should start actively pursuing content marketing, or you’re just here to get some ideas, the following three reasons content marketing fails could help you out!

why content marketing fails in the legal sector

You’re only talking about yourself

While we’re sure your company is really interesting, your audience don’t want to read content you’ve written that says how wonderful your company is. Your audience will have problems that you need to solve through your content marketing tactics. Addressing their challenges through your content, will make them more likely to remember you for your sterling advice, rather than your love of your own company.

It’s all about subtlety when it comes to content marketing – don’t push a hard sell.

You’re just churning out piece after piece

Even though updating your firm’s blog on a regular basis is important, churning out content only to keep your blog active is the wrong approach to content marketing. Only spend time and resources creating content you know your audience will find useful, otherwise you’re just simply wasting your time.

How do you know which topics will resonate with your audience? To be able to confidently answer this question, you need to build out your buyer personas; you can use these buyer persona templates and build them from scratch, today!

You don’t have an outreach strategy in place

You might have planned an approach when it comes to creating your content but have you factored in a content outreach strategy? You can’t expect to write content, publish it on your firm’s blog and wait for your audience to organically flock to it. Although you might get some organic traction, in order to maximise its impact, you need to build a comprehensive outreach strategy.

According to Rand Fishkin, content amplification falls into three sections:

  1. Broadcasting: social media, email, events, etc.
  2. 1:1 outreach: social media, email, in-person, etc.
  3. Paid promotion: promoted or boosted posts, advertising, etc.

Your firm should analyse, out of the above, which would best reach your target audience, and build your content outreach strategy from there.

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