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Matthew Crehan

Why email should play a big part in your law firm’s marketing strategy

Email marketing is a crucial tactic for any law firm’s strategy, why? Well there are over 205 billion emails sent and received each day and over 2.6 billion active email accounts. If these statistics weren’t enough to persuade you, then check out these four reasons below.

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Personalise and customise

Email marketing allows you to produce personalised pieces of content delivered directly to your targeted legal audience. This can be taken further with the segmentation of your potential claimant’s data as you customise and personalise your legal emails to the areas that interest them. Through personalisation of your email marketing campaigns you can improve click-through rate by an average of 14% and conversion rate by 10%.

Promote action

Email marketing for your law firm, by its very nature is actionable, as its initial first call-to-action is to be opened by your audience. But through use of personalisation, a strong subject line and a clear concise CTA you can make your legal audience click through to your website, download an eBook or even give your firm a call right there and then.

Measure results

Another great reason why email marketing should be a part of your law firm’s marketing strategy is it’s a great tactic to measure results and ROI. All email marketing platforms will provide you with data on open and click-through rate, and using your analytics platforms you can measure conversions from emails and calculate the ROI of your email marketing efforts. This allows you to be transparent when producing marketing reports to the board, as well as being a great source of information which can be used to optimise future campaigns, identify content that performs best in emails and produce further segmentation and personalisation of your law firm’s marketing strategy.

A connected world

With the number of mobile users now out numbering desktop, your email marketing now more than ever provides your legal firm to always be at the fingertips of your ideal audience, whether they are in the queue at Starbucks, during their office commute or relaxing in front of the TV at the end of long day. Many argue that with the growth of mobile, email should be forgotten and your firm’s efforts focused on to social media instead. But with email receiving on average 3.3% click-through, compared to 0.07% and 0.03% on Facebook and Twitter, it’s clear there is still a lot of life left in email and why it needs to be a big part of your law firm’s marketing strategy.

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So take these four factors and make sure that your law firm’s marketing strategy continues to hold email marketing as an important tool, allowing you to have personalised, action driven contact with your ideal legal audience where ever they are. 

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