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Hazel Miller

Why Fashion Brands Need to Set Up their Photography Skills

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In 2018, it’s all about taking the right picture. Whether it’s a selfie with your friends, a panoramic shot of the sunrise or a lifestyle shot of your new collection of womenswear, photography is key to success. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to selling online, photography can make or break your business. Social media is playing an increasingly important role in online marketing; so, in order to increase traffic to your site and attract the right customer from social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, businesses need to step it up when it comes to their photography. Whether you’re using a mix of product and lifestyle imagery or user generated content on social media, it’s key to paint an aspirational picture in the minds of potential customers.  You might be selling dresses on Instagram, but in reality, you need to be selling the aspirational lifestyle of a girl who is wearing the dress over the dress itself. Here is a bit of advice on how to adapt your imagery for different social media platforms.

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Pinterest is like a virtual scrapbook. Often considered to have a primarily female audience online, it allows you to pick and choose images you like and allocate them to a particular board. Businesses can use this highly visual social media platform to their advantage by uploading creative and interesting images with relevant links back to a particular product page or line of products or services they’d like to sell. By creating images especially tailored for Pinterest, businesses can help to drive relevant traffic from Pinterest to their website. Images that work particularly well on Pinterest are lifestyle and tutorials. A Pinterest graphic should be approximately 735px by 1102px.


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Instagram is an effective visual platform to gain engagement and interaction on a global scale. Not restricted by borders, Instagram can help UK businesses to promote their products and services to an international audience instantly, by using attractive images and video content.

A recent update to this social platform has made it possible for UK businesses to utilise the swipe up functionality on Instagram Stories, which allows you to direct users directly to your website, as long as you have over 10K followers. Another recent update to Instagram has given UK retailers the power to tag products featured in an image and sell directly through the social media platform. This instant and highly visual way of selling through social media means a more direct and faster transaction for both user and business.

The ideal image dimensions for an Instagram image is 1080px by 1080px.


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Facebook is not to be forgotten when it comes to selling via images. Product and service promotion and marketing can be done through targeted ads, which taken into account a Facebook user’s likes, interests, job title and demographics, along with a number of other factors. With the choice of a standard text and image ad, a carousel of images or video content, businesses can trial and test a variety of ads and creative, then optimise the best performing ads in order to drive more traffic to their website.

The ideal dimensions for standard text and image ads on Facebook are 1200px by 628px. Video content should be no larger than 1.75GB and a minimum of 600px.

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