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Andy Donaldson

Why legal firms need to focus on user experience not self-promotion

In the past a law firm’s branding and messaging very much focused on the expertise of their partners and the services they offered. The only issue is, that today this isn’t what will create a brand for your legal practice, the reason being clients are who decide what your firm’s brand is. In the rest of the blog we’ll show just how your firm doesn’t stand a chance in creating its own brand and why you need to be focusing on your user’s experience to help your clients identify with your brand.

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 Why legal firms need to focus on user experience not self-promotion

Why your legal firm has little control over brand

Traditionally most legal firms aim to build their brand around their target audience for a specific quality, in the past that quality has been lawyer focused and more recently firms have tried to be more client focused by putting emphasis on their services and prices.

But with both of those efforts, branding has been applied from the firm to the claimants, in a completely one directional relationship. Legal firms as with businesses in any industry think that it is the business that dictates the way clients perceive you.

While in reality, legal firms don’t have much control over how their brand is perceived. This is due to two things: first is a lack of quality control, as legal firms don’t have much power to enforce legal partners act in a certain way with clients, and clients simply trust lawyers to have the knowledge and experience to deal with their case.

Secondly and most importantly the reason legal firms have little say in their brands perception is that it is the clients who are creating it, by how they interact with the firm and the positive or negative experiences they feel they receive.


Why focusing on user experience can help

By changing tact from focusing on telling clients why they should use your services and instead focusing on providing them with the best user experience of your services, from the marketing channels all the way through to winning their case and aftercare, you provide a great user experience which will help to build your brand completely from your clients side.

Begin by looking at just what a client’s journey would be, how do they find your firm' website, is it clear the services your legal firm offers and can they easily enquire about them?  From here how quickly do you respond? A quick response will provide a great experience, however a slow response or reply from a solicitor with a negative tone will do much more to create a brand image (be it a negative one) than any great marketing tactics could do.

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By focusing on your user experience you allow yourself to help build a positive and enjoyable brand within the minds of your claimants and therefore increase the chances of referrals and cases.

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