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Helen Jackson

Why omni-channel marketing is SO important

You might be thinking ‘what’s all the fuss about omni-channel marketing?’ Some marketers might even think that because their brand is operating alongside a multi-channel strategy, they’re already an omni-channel brand, but this is not the case. If you’re not sure what the differences between the two are, check out our article surrounding this confusion here.

So, why is omni-channel marketing SO important?

Well, your competitors are all adopting this strategy

Ok, so not everything should be a sheep-following exercise, but unfortunately, to remain competitive, you’ll have to change your ways and adopt an omni-channel strategy. Not only are large retailers slowly adapting their strategies to offer a seamless customer experience, but smaller fashion brands are also adapting theirs, too.

Customers are becoming increasingly demanding

Let’s take Amazon Prime, for example. You can order a product on the Monday and have it with you, in your hands on the Tuesday. Granted, Amazon is a globally-recognised retailer, but you can see how fast customer service techniques are evolving. You need to get quicker and better at identifying customers’ needs, and most importantly innovating your customer service to match their ever-growing standards.

It can help improve internal communication

For an omni-channel strategy to work, your internal teams need to be on the same page. You’re aiming to consistently deliver a seamless experience to your customers, so each department will need to be working toward this same overall objective. With everyone in the company working together to deliver this strategy, communication becomes more free-flowing, barriers are broken and everyone can work synergistically with one another.

Want more tips surrounding omni-channel strategy implementation? Download our eBook: A step-by-step guide to omni-channel marketing

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