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Hazel Miller

Why Pinterest is So Valuable for Niche Retail Brands

The ultimate goal of any ecommerce website is to get customers to buy a product or service and in 2018 there are plenty of strategies to improve conversion rate and increase your chances of making a sale. One particular strategy that is working extremely well for many niche retail brands is Pinterest. This social media platform is becoming invaluable for businesses such as Lace & Favour, an online wedding accessory specialist, so let’s explore why.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is available online and as an app and allows users to pin images and categorise them by topic, by creating personalised Pinterest Boards. Users can follow other user’s boards if they like what they see and have similar tastes. With topics such as interior design, style and recipe ideas, Pinterest has 800 million monthly active users.

Having the ability to visually share and discover new images, videos or GIFs allows users to window shop for inspiration and ideas relating to a variety of topics and sectors. Primarily focused on sharing lifestyle tips and ideas, Pinterest can be used by retail brands to give their lifestyle and product imagery a platform to shine online organically.

pintrest and fashion retail

How Do Retail Brands Use Pinterest?

Social media is becoming an increasingly crowded marketplace for retail businesses and users are becoming more aware of sponsored content or influence marketing. One method to get your products in front of your online audience is to reach them as early as possible in the buyer funnel, with interest led content. In relation to Lace & Favour, interest content may be style inspiration, bridal hair guides and bridal make-up tutorials. According to Pinterest, 90% of users in a recent study said that Pinterest had given them ideas about which products to purchase. (1)

As a business, you can set up a Pinterest account free of charge and create inspiration boards that host product led pins. When a user pins your pin, they have the option to click through to your website to purchase. You can also promote blog posts and articles through Pinterest by creating clickbait pins to encourage users to click through to your blog post to read more.

Here is how Lace & Favour have set out their own branded Pinterest boards:

pintrest lace and favour

How Can I Increase Sales with Pinterest?

Pinterest can be used within an inbound marketing strategy whereby you publish user friendly and valuable content such as a Pinterest Ideas For Something Blue board and upload pictures of blue wedding accessories currently available to buy from the Lace & Favour website. Using trackable links within the individual product pins, you can monitor the number of click-throughs to your product page. By directing users straight to a product page with a button to purchase, you are optimising user experience and conversion rate, as there are only two to three steps to adding the product to cart and completing the transaction. The fewer number of steps to purchasing a product online, the higher your chance of conversion, usually.

See the process visually illustrated below:

 Pinterest user is searching for blue wedding accessories and comes across this pin from Lace & Favour.

pintrest lace and favour2

The image is of high quality and visually appealing and the description is strong. They decide to click “visit” to find out more about the shoes, ie. price, delivery, brand.

pintrest lace and favour3

The user clicks through to the product page with the same image as seen on Pinterest to the left hand side. The price is clearly shown, as is the pink “Add To Bag” button.

pintrest lace and favour4

The user decides to purchase the shoes and clicks the pink button. A pop up is displayed to give the user the option to complete the transaction immediately. This helps to encourage conversion rate.

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