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Helen Jackson

Why simple mobile web design is key to creating great UX

A mobile site or a responsive site design? Check out the pros and cons here.

Over-complicating your web design is a common mistake a lot of fashion brands make. Trying to cram as much information and as many products into their site as possible and as a result, they completely confuse and distract the mobile user from their purchase!

We discuss why we think simple mobile web design is key to creating great UX!

Why simple mobile web design is key to creatign great UX

It gets rid of distractions

Distractions on a mobile device can easily become overwhelming to the user. On such a small screen it can become cluttered and can then lead to a battle through the distractions, just to get to the checkout! Users find comfort in a simple buying journey, particularly the mobile user. With the competition selling items through the likes of Amazon, who now offer fingerprint checkout, it’s tough to meet the growing expectations, but basic steps toward simplicity is a good start.

It helps your USP stand out

You can choose to draw attention to your USP, making it much more prominent through your site. Whether it’s through a site-wide banner highlighting your competitive prices or through the text on a homepage feature slide. Simplicity helps you really bring attention to and clearly showcase content. With simple elements present on each page of your site, this can reinforce your branding through consistency. With each page adhering to the same simplicity, you can easily draw attention to specific actions per page with the help of carefully design calls-to-action (CTAs).

Simple design elements can help you extract user data

Filling out long and over-complicated forms on a desktop, never mind a mobile device, can quickly become a tiresome exercise. Asking for the data that’s most important to obtain for your fashion brand such as email and name at the checkout stage, can help quicken the pace of the process for every user. If you have to ask for more information, it’s important to stress to the user that you will only be asking for this amount of information at the initial purchase.

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