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Susie Hood

Why the insurance industry needs to embrace omni-channel marketing

The way that customers find and buy insurance has transformed beyond recognition in recent years, thanks to the evolution of technology. With an increasingly savvy customer base taking responsibility for their own research before choosing products, insurance firms now need to provide a joined-up marketing strategy across all channels, to ensure that they offer a unified customer experience that will maximise conversions. We explore some of the ways in which insurance firms can meet and exceed the expectations of today’s customers, to drive more policy sign-ups and provide best-in-class customer experiences that bring people back at renewal time.

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An active social media presence is expected

Whilst social media certainly isn’t brand new, it’s use from a customer point of view has changed significantly in recent years. As broadcast content from brands reaches a smaller and smaller organic audience every year, a paid strategy is the only guaranteed way to make sure your content is seen. However, social media itself was never intended as a one-way conversation. Many customers see it as a customer service tool primarily when it comes to interacting with brands; especially when related to goods or services they have bought. For an insurance firm, ensuring that you have a social media presence that not only acts as a marketing tool, but also as a customer touchpoint, is the bare minimum expected. More on this later. Whilst not an insurance firm, Tesco Mobile offer a great example of what a social media strategy can be for a brand in what could be considered a fairly ‘dry’ industry. You don’t necessarily need to be on every social platform out there, but you do need to be on the platform(s) used by your customers.

Understand and cater for your customers’ user journeys

Understanding your audience is one of the very cruxes on which marketing is based, if you don’t already have strongly defined personas for your main customer segments, you are probably missing out on important information that can help ensure your marketing resources are directed in the best possible areas. More than that though, the process of working on personas and gaining insights into the buyer journeys of your customers helps you to ensure that your different channels can meet the needs of your audience in the right ways and in the format that they find most valuable and useful. For example, if one of your personas almost exclusively uses their smartphone to research online, but your website’s chat feature doesn’t work on mobile, you could be losing out on significant business.

Multi-channel doesn’t mean insurance firms need to lose their human side

One of the dangers of multi-channel marketing is that is different individuals or teams are working on different sections of the strategy, things can start to feel disjointed, or in trying to keep the ‘voice’ and messaging consistent, all sense of personality is toned down. In the highly competitive insurance marketplace, a ‘beige’ brand is never going to be memorable to customers. Whilst you don’t necessarily want to court controversy either, there is a balance to be found that will help your audience to feel like your brand has a human side, without being too ‘out there’ and risky.

Internal comms and consistency of service are key to omni-channel marketing success

A customer that contacts you one day on social media and the next by phone, will expect that the team member they are speaking to will have knowledge of their account history and the conversation that took place yesterday. Making sure that your internal systems are joined-up to a degree that makes this possible is key to minimising customer frustration and helps your customer service team to be able to deal with people more efficiently too.

Whilst operating on multiple channels certainly increases the complexity of your marketing and digital strategies, it can also make all the difference to your bottom line; this is the way that customers expect the experience to be, with consistency across channels, but a personal touch that makes them feel valued and resolves their questions or complaints quickly.

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