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Andy Donaldson

Why We Love Omni-channel (And You Should, Too!)

Omni-channel signifies a shift, not only in customers’ buying habits, but their purchasing influences and their overall bar of expectation, which has dramatically risen in recent years. According to customer experience insights, customers want self-service, voice, digital and social means to interact with a company and its people – and they still expect each to deliver a personalised experience.

So, with expectations constantly changing, why do we continue to love omni-channel?


It’s never boring

With new elements and features to trial almost constantly, it’s an exciting time to be amidst the fashion and retail industries. The chance to try out a new conversion rate optimisation tactic to gain more purchases or building a new and disruptive social media campaign that just catches the eye of your target market is thrilling for both the agency and more so the fashion client.

You can gain the competitive edge

With the industry and technological advancements evolving at such a pace, if your omni-channel strategy is on point and brimming with innovation, you could steal customers from the competition within a heartbeat! Capturing custom in this saturated market isn’t easy, but it’s still possible. You just need to look around at your competitors, the high-fashion giants and the steps they’ve had to take to remain competitive. Take this C&A example, integrating social media likes with their in-store shopping experience, was a brilliant move.

You truly understand the customer’s journey

Being able to truly pin point a customer’s journey from research to purchase is fairly straightforward when you only have one channel to worry about. But what happens when you have a store, several social channels, an e-commerce store, paid search channels and more? Being able to attribute value to each touchpoint is an important part of becoming an omni-channel brand (learn more about attribution modelling here.)

Learn more about becoming an omni-channel brand by downloading our step-by-step guide to omni-channel marketing here.

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