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Why you need to brainstorm content ideas to increase site traffic for your firm

Whether it’s just one other person, or a whole team, you need to brainstorm ideas with someone at your firm. Generate ideas on your own can only carry you so far, and if you want to become a leader in your industry, you sometimes have to think a little bit out the box.

We’ve gathered together some reasons why your firm NEEDS to brainstorm content ideas, and how it can help you get more relevant traffic to your site!

Why you need to brainstorm content ideas to increase site traffic for your firm

Aim to offer solutions to the common problems your audience express

Brainstorming ideas surrounding your persona’s common objections to legal services or challenges they face after having an accident, or problems they face after divorce – or whichever legal niche your firm specialise in, can help you connect with the reader through your content. Demonstrating you understand clearly the pain points that concern your audience is essential to creating that immediate empathetic connection between yourselves and the reader.

Without a brainstorm your content will lack focus

A campaign with purposeful direction, is a campaign that is more likely to succeed. If you don’t take the time to understand your audience your content will simply drift and your firm will end up mass-marketing and appealing to no one. It can seem like a bold move to cut out what appears to be a large chunk of the market, only marketing to those who fit your persona profile, however, this approach is more targeted and is definitely a strategy that will pay off in the long run, attracting only those visitors who have a chance at converting into a new client.

Brainstorming regularly will ensure your firm stays fresh and relevant

Fresh content is essential when you’re trying to attract new visitors to your site. Fresh content means more indexed pages, a more engaged audience and it can mean a lower bounce rate, too. Updating your blog at least three times a week will ensure you’re covering the latest and most relevant timely topics that interest your audience. You know yourself when you visit a site, if the only content on there is from four months ago, the chances of you exploring that content are a lot slimmer than if the website was packed full of new and interesting articles and resources to explore!

Don’t just brainstorm content ideas in a group setting, try these handy tools mentioned in our guide.

How to attract more visitors to your firm's site!

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