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Andy Donaldson

Why you'll never succeed at omni-channel marketing

Omni-channel marketing signifies a large shift in the way brands offer customer experience. Omni-channel is all about offering the customer a seamless experience, which is a hard process to decipher. But not only do brands have to endeavour to deliver a seamless experience for their customers, but this experience has to be present and uniform regardless of device or channel used by the customer to access the brand.

We’ve pulled together some pointers surrounding why we thinking you won’t succeed at omni-channel marketing. If you’d like a bit more guidance with omni-channel marketing, download our step-by-step eBook.



  1. You don’t understand your customer touchpoints thoroughly

This is crucial to ensure your omni-channel strategy is successful. By delicately defining and analysing each and every touchpoint that connects your customer to your brand, you can start to understand just how many elements to take into consideration for the planning phase of your omni-channel strategy. From automatically triggered email correspondence and ads to Tweets and reviews, you need to understand where and what your customers are seeing through all brand touchpoints.

  1. You have inconsistencies with your brand

Being able to offer a seamless experience for your customers, means you have to minimise disparities between your digital channels. Whether that’s customer service advice, pricing or perhaps delivery options, the list can be endless. Creating and then internally dispersing a company brand guideline document, can help all staff approach each process with the same eyes! Don’t make your document too large though, you need something that’s clear and easy for your staff to digest.

  1. You don’t have any cross-channel measurement strategies

It can be just as important to be able to effectively measure your omni-channel strategy as any part of the process. Which is the case with any marketing strategy, if you don’t measure it you could waste time and money on future strategies by not learning from mistakes highlighted in this strategy. It’s a cyclical process, within which you must make amends throughout based on the progress or lack of progress made through different stages of your strategy.

  1. You don’t listen and implement customer ideas

Customers are a fantastic asset, particularly when it comes to generating new ideas to help optimise conversion rates. Encouraging your current customers and prospective customers alike to take part in either a focus group, or a survey, or both if you’ve got the time, can really help strengthen your value proposition. You can even just start by A/B testing one of the most voted ideas and see how it helps your site performance.

Need help implementing your omni-channel strategy? Download our step-by-step omni-channel guide below!

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