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Helen Jackson

Why your fashion brand needs to invest in mobile

Today’s world is a mobile world. According to the Mobile Marketing Magazine, 7 in 10 people now own a smartphone in the UK. If you haven’t yet invested in mobile marketing, or only devote a small proportion of your marketing budget to the various forms of mobile marketing, then listen up and take note. We discuss some interesting mobile statistics and what they mean for your fashion brand.

Why your fashion brand needs to invest in mobile

Mobile email opens have increase by 180%

According to Social Media Today, mobile email opens have increased by a massive 180% in just 3 years. Yes, we all receive a lot of spam emails, but with quicker access to most email providers via a dedicated app or through mobile-responsive design, it’s clear that emails are much easier to reach your target market than ever before.

65% of the world’s population are visual learners

Reported by Marketing Land, mobile video is more critical than ever to capture customers’ attention. Does your fashion brand currently engage in mobile-accessible video content? Take a look at Retailer ASOS, they capture the attention of their audience when they visit their product pages with video. A great way to show product material movement.

25% of search queries are on mobile devices

This figure was reported by Search Engine Land. 25% is a large percentage, considering the Google search engine along processes 100 billion queries in just one month, it’s safe to say your fashion brand should be upping the ante, particularly across your SEO and display advertising marketing channels!

Mobile ad spend to exceed spend on desktop formats

This was reported by eMarketer, and clearly highlights the impact the mobile market has had on the online business industry. With fashion being one of the most competitive industries, it’s so important for your brand to be seen across a multitude of devices and channels. And with the significance of mobile ever-growing, you need to examine your budget weighting, mobile vs desktop.

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