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Matthew Crehan

Why your firm needs content marketing to increase incoming cases

Content marketing is a powerful tool for your legal firm for a number of reasons, be it engaging with potential claimants, satisfying search engine’s ranking algorithms or providing context to your website and legal services while giving you rich content to publish across social media. So let’s take a closer look at why exactly your firm needs content marketing if you want to grow and increase the number of new cases generated through your website.

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 Why your firm needs content marketing to grow the number of incoming cases you see


The production of high quality content has a number of benefits for your search engine optimisation plans. First off Google’s Panda algorithm was launched to identify and penalise low quality and ‘thin sites’, while giving top search positions to high quality websites and content.

Furthermore using high quality content allows you to utilise relevant keywords which your firm wants to rank for, therefore making it easier for your legal practice to be found in search results.



The main purpose of your legal content should be to provide context. It’s simple enough to create lots of content and upload it to your legal site but unless that content has context it won’t be relevant to your potential claimants.

And your content provides you with a great place to provide context to your website through educational and engaging copy.

You can also look to use different forms of content to match the context of your potential claimant’s lifestyles such as producing infographics and videos for those short on time, while developing long form blog content and eBooks for those that want to digest information in more detail.


Social Media

By utilising content marketing your legal firm opens up the doors to optimising your social media efforts. To utilise social media effectively your firm needs to be able to publish engaging content on a regular basis which can be shared by social followers and establish a discussion between your followers and you.

Here great content be it blogs, videos or infographics can be a great way to increase social engagement and drive traffic to your legal website.

 Download our Legal CRO eBook

These three reasons show just how powerful a tool content marketing can be for your legal firm to help drive the conversions of potential claimants to clients and see your firm increase the number of new cases you see being generated through your website.   

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