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Helen Jackson

Why your firm should set SMART goals

If you’re currently setting loose goals and objectives for your firm to strive towards in the marketing department, are they achievable and relevant? How are you measuring your progress towards the goals? It’s important you’re not just setting any goal with figures plucked out of thin air – you need a solid goal, something you can accurately measure and something that’s realistic for your team to achieve.

A SMART goal should encompass the following elements, it should be: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely. So, with that in mind, let’s discuss three reasons why your firm should be setting them!

why you firm should set SMART goals

They can encourage teamwork

In order to achieve a SMART goal, your team have to work together to deliver it. Everyone is aiming for the same result and everyone in your team has a part to play when setting the goal and mapping out a strategy to achieve it. Teamwork is essential to achieving a successful campaign for your firm.

They help motivate your team

Having something specific to aim for and a structured plan of how you’re going to achieve the goal, will help motivation levels within your firm. Knowing the goal is achievable because it’s backed up by data trends etc. can really help to motivate everyone to achieve it.

They help you focus

Focusing on the right tactics alongside targeting the right audience can help your firm generate a higher volume of inbound case enquiries. These kinds of goals help you truly focus on what matters for your particular firm - cutting out all the other activities that are draining your resources for next to no return on investment.

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