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Helen Jackson

Why your Mobile Users are Leaving your Fashion Website

Does your fashion site have lots of mobile traffic but no conversions? If this sounds familiar, it can seem puzzling as to why your site isn’t converting mobile users. You’ve got great products, you have the footfall and your site looks great. So, what’s the problem?

Even though your site might look great on desktop, is it the most optimised it can possibly be for the mobile user? You can have the best looking site in the world, but if your site isn’t optimised correctly, the time and money you’ve put into your marketing efforts can be wasted.

With over 50% of e-commerce traffic accounted for by mobile, you can’t afford to dismiss mobile optimisation. So, here are some of the reasons your site could be losing mobile conversions.

Why your mobile users are leaving your fashion website

Your site layout doesn’t translate

Your site might look great on a desktop computer with lots of whitespace. Now access your site on your mobile device. If you’re getting a different quality of user experience, this does not bode well for your fashion brand. Mobile visitors are using a much smaller screen to view your site on than a desktop user. If your whitespace on desktop view doesn’t translate to mobile view then your site can look cluttered, and a lot of mobile users will bounce straight off your fashion website.

Tip: Test your website compatibility, not only across a variety of browsers, but across a variety of mobile devices, too. You should definitely consider adding tablet and mobile device testing to your test sheet!

Where’s the checkout?

Can the user view their bag and checkout just as easily on their mobile device? If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t even be hesitating to make this feature change a priority. With Google now favouring mobile user experience in search results, this is a big must for your fashion website, particularly if you want to compete, which we’re assuming you want to do.

Tip: You really need to scrutinise every move of the user journey. Particularly when trying to purchase an item. If you make it difficult for them, then it’s no surprise that they’ll bounce off your fashion site.

Your website navigation is frustrating

If you don’t deliver a seamless customer experience across multiple devices, then you’re discouraging your visitors from purchasing your products. If when your web visitor tries to go back to a product page, is it easy for them to navigate backwards? If they have to trawl all the way through the filter features again, you’re making their journey unnecessarily difficult and frustrating.

Tip: A great way to test your site navigation on a mobile device is to try and buy an item from your fashion brand using your own smartphone. Jot down all the problems you encounter along the way, too.

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