The team research team at Hit Search is comprised of retail experts who also happen to be top notch Digital Marketeers. This means that we can provide a very unique perspective on the retail marketing landscape, forging plans to help you realise your individual business goals.

Our deep understanding of the retail customer guides our Digital Marketing strategies so effectively, that our retail client base has rapidly grown year on year from 2007, achieving impressive revenue increase and ROI performances for our clients.

Whitepapers & Ebooks

The Hit Search team of retail experts have collected some of the most important points across a number of infographics and ebooks that you can download free of charge. Just click on the link to download your free best of practice guides and see how some expert advice can help increase your revenue.

Scalable SEO, Content, Influencer & Social Media Marketing Strategies to Drive Retail Growth

In this eBook, we show you how to align and scale up your retail marketing activity, from persona development to using influencers to drive sales.

Attribution Modelling for Retail Businesses

Click here to download our free guide to Attribution Modelling. If you’ve ever wondered what it is, why it’s important or why you need it, this very easy-to-read book explains all you need to know.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO): How to increase an ecommerce Conversion Rate

Did you know that placing a telephone number in the top right of a web page will increase leads? That an email sign-up will increase conversions? Well if you didn’t you need to download this handy e-book full of great information about the importance of Conversion rate Optimisation.

Retail Brands: 5 Key Questions For Your Digital Marketing Agency

How can you tell if the agency you're looking to hire is any good? We've compiled 5 great questions you should ask them to see whether they know their stuff! Simply download our free infographic.

Which Luxury brands are best dressed when it comes to Conversion Rate?

Take a look at how some of the world’s largest fashion brands including Jimmy Choo, Harvey Nichols and Tommy Hilfiger encourage conversions and increase customer interaction through effective Conversion Rate Optimisation.

A guide to omni-channel marketing for fashion retailers

In order for your brand to achieve the ultimate omni-channel digital marketing strategy, you must have a multi-channel framework for your business foundations to sit.

This booklet gives you a practical guide to the first steps your brand needs to take in order to become fully omni-channel...

Fashion brands: How to connect with the mobile customer

With smartphones having now overtaken laptops as the most popular device for getting online, it's important you're confidently able to deliver a fantastic experience for the mobile customer, whilst seamlessly integrating your strategy cross-channel and cross-device!


Infographics are a highly visual and extremely effective way of driving engagement, encouraging click-throughs and showcasing your products in a clear, concise format. Our design team has created a wide range of infographics for a variety of Retail clients. Download a selection for free and get a closer look.


This was created for MoYou-London as a way to promote their comic style stamping nail art collection. It was used for blogger outreach and could be easily shared across social.


This infographic detailing the differences between scooters and mopeds was created for motorcycle brand Kymco. This would be easily shareable and spark discussions with motorcycle enthusiasts whilst promoting the brand in the process.

Ecommerce mobile marketing trends for 2016

Is your fashion brand aware of the following mobile marketing trends? Make sure you’re clued up and ready to connect with the mobile customer! P.S. We've got a webinar that goes into more detail where trends are concerned! Check it out here.

A brief mobile analysis of

This infographic highlights elements of the mobile site that are user-friendly and also suggests some changes the retailer could implement to ensure they continue to please the mobile customer, whilst optimising for conversions. P.S. We've got a webinar that analyses the mobile experience! Check it out here.

TV and Radio

 Hit Search TV is our digital marketing expertise in bitesize (and easily digestible) snippets in video form, here are our fashion-related videos!

[Webinar] Fashion Sector: Mobile Marketing in Ecommerce, an Overview

We discuss the importance of mobile marketing for your fashion brand, including examples of how some of the biggest brands are connecting with their customers through mobile.

[Webinar] Fashion Sector: Ecommerce Mobile Marketing Trends for 2016


We discuss how you can connect with your mobile customers using the most up-to-date ecommerce mobile marketing trends of 2016. 

[Webinar] Fashion Sector: LIVE mobile analysis of

We discuss the elements of the Missguided mobile site that are mobile-friendly and also highlight where there is room for improvement! Tips to take away for your own fashion brand!