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About Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret is a high end fashion designer.

For over a decade, Roland Mouret has created the most coveted of women’s wear collections. The designer has defined the era of the iconic dress which have become known by a single name – Galaxy, Titanium, Moon – and have earned Mouret a reputation as magician, master of structure and silhouette and as a man with an intuitive understanding of the female form.


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The Challenge

Getting Roland Mouret in front of a new audience

Thanks to the highly successful Galaxy Dress, famously worn by Rachael Weisz, the designer was heavily featured in front of the press and throughout numerous fashion magazines. Our challenge however, was to ensure these stunning pieces were accessible to a wider audience, an audience that may not have been aware of the growing designer brand.


Our Solution

A large proportion of the initial few months’ work was to analyse the current website and suggest ways to improve the users journey. The high value of each Roland Mouret dress, coupled with an audience that had specific requirements and very little spare time, the brand needed to ensure delivery of a very slick user journey. Therefore, a conversion rate focus was key.

From this point, we then turned our attention towards driving higher volumes of traffic to the newly created user journey. This drive was largely fuelled by organic growth from a number of SEO strategies.

Not only have our SEO strategies increased traffic, but they have also dramatically increase the volume of transactions and, subsequently, revenue.

The Results

When comparing the first two years we worked with Roland Mouret:
increase in organic traffic
increase in revenue
We achieved a
increase in transactions