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Salt Resort Wear Case Study


340% increase in organic revenue

SEO Services


the results

50 %
increase in organic traffic in the first six months of the campaign
340 %
increase in organic revenue in the first six months of the campaign
100 %
increase in conversion rate in the first six months of the campaign

What we did


The Challenge

1. The fashion digital marketing agency was tasked to devise a revenue growth plan, facilitated by increasing the presence of the Salt ecommerce website online. To track user activity, and to continually analyse the performance of their digital marketing channels, including SEO and PPC. The idea was that the marketing strategy for retail would evolve over time, based on what was working and wasn’t working so well.

2. To optimise the Salt website in line with the latest Google algorithm updates, but before we could do this we had to factor in a fundamental set of website changes, whilst ensuring that the site did not lose visibility in doing so.

3. To maintain a large scale content production programme that was SEO compliant, while maintaining their all-important corporate tone of voice.


Our Solution

Whilst the content team were getting to know Salt’s brand positioning and tone of voice, the SEO team were successfully mitigating the risks of a complete site restructure and server move; working closely with a third party web development team to ensure rankings were maintained whilst improving optimisation. This was a full time task but it ensured that the site came through the switchovers with increased visibility, increased on-site content and increased functionality.

We implemented in-depth tracking across the site – previous reports could track the bottom line but couldn’t deliver actionable insights. Our analysis, including basket abandonment, funnel tracking and attribution modelling have all helped us to discover which channels were performing well. We were also able to advise where future spend should be targeted.

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The Results

Hit Search helped Salt achieve greater exposure in different regions through a comprehensive PPC campaign, expanding reach to countries including the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and Australia.

This increased brand awareness and was responsible for the growth of the brand’s Social Media presence.

We have achieved increased rankings, visibility and all important conversions through a varied, multi-channel campaign, driving steady revenue growth.


About Salt Resort Wear


Salt Resort Wear is the ultimate destination for luxury resort wear, all year round.

Salt Resort Wear is the ultimate destination for luxury resort wear, all year round. Filling a large gap in the market for a luxury, multi-brand resort wear lifestyle store, founder Stephanie Alameida launched the UK’s first resort wear boutique situated on London’s exclusive Walton Street.



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