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Ecommerce Digital Marketing Agency Services

Any online retailer will know how competitive the digital marketplace is. Standing out from the competition is a real challenge for ecommerce businesses of any size. Even household names need to work hard to maintain their market share and it can be a daunting prospect for challenger brands.

However, our 15 years as a digital marketing agency, helping retailers to market themselves effectively online, has shown us that with the right strategy, every ecommerce brand can make progress and get a good return on their investment from digital marketing.

At Hitsearch, we believe that the most effective ecommerce marketing campaigns utilise multiple digital channels and various types of activity, all working together to provide the best possible results for the client with the available budget.

What are the benefits of ecommerce digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an essential part of any ecommerce business, providing the opportunity for any brand to stake a claim with their digital presence and a vehicle for them to reach potential customers wherever they spend their time online.

An effective ecommerce marketing strategy can:

  1. Build an increased awareness of your brand and products amongst potential new customers
  2. Increase your audience across several platforms, including your own website traffic, on social media channels and your email marketing lists
  3. Generate online sales
  4. Increase the average order value to boost revenue
  5. Provide a significant return on investment across all marketing channels

Our approach to ecommerce digital marketing

Every ecommerce business is unique, with their own combination of USPs, products, customer base, challenges, internal resource, areas of expertise and brand values. This means that each client we work with needs a bespoke strategy that is developed with all of these elements in mind and determines the best ways to generate revenue and build an engaged online audience that will achieve the business objectives.

Part of our approach to any ecommerce digital marketing campaign is to take the time to get to know your customers and what triggers them to buy, along with auditing and analysing your existing website and current or past marketing activity to see what we can learn from this. For most ecommerce brands, multi-channel strategies deliver the best return on investment, with all activity across different channels and platforms working together as part of the wider marketing plan.

A typical campaign might include:

  1. A bespoke SEO strategy that works to drive more relevant visitors to the website while complementing the other channel activity
  2. Paid media activity (potentially combining PPC, display, shopping feeds and paid social strategies) that can drive revenue quickly and react at pace
  3. Content marketing activity that engages the audience and moves them along in their journey towards becoming a customer
  1. A CRO strategy that aims to improve the conversion rate of the website to see a better return on existing traffic levels
  2. Digital PR and outreach via press, trade media and influencer activity to boost awareness with the target audience, generate authoritative links to the website and drive sales
  3. Remarketing, by targeting previous site visitors to tempt them back to the website to complete their purchase
  4. Email marketing to existing customers or relevant subscribers to drive more sales and increase customer advocacy

Our work as an ecommerce digital marketing agency

With extensive experience in the online retail space, we have helped many ecommerce brands to grow their business, exceed their revenue targets and enjoy long term success from their marketing strategies. From digital fashion marketing to health product retailers, we’ve got a proven track record of success. Find out more by viewing our case studies.

Why Hitsearch are the ideal ecommerce digital marketing agency partner

Our years of experience in this sector have given us a huge amount of knowledge, data and many learnings that can now benefit our current and future clients in their digital marketing campaigns. Our ecommerce expertise means that we have an accurate and up-to-date grasp on the current marketplace, what your competitors are doing and can highlight opportunities for your brand to capitalise on. The benefits of working with us include:

  1. The development of a tailored, data-led strategy that is designed specifically around your brand and audience needs
  2. Clear reporting and accurate attribution, so you can see the impact of all marketing activity, how each area is performing and its individual ROI
  3. Help with upskilling your internal team as our experts share their knowledge and best practice
  4. Our accreditations and partnerships with Google, Microsoft and Hubspot

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How to find out more about our ecommerce digital marketing work

If you want to find out more about the way we approach ecommerce digital marketing and our experience in areas like SEO consultancy, along with how we could potentially help your online retail business, you can get in touch for a free 15-minute consultation and mini-audit of your current marketing performance. Fill in the contact form below or give our team a call on 0800 011 9715.

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