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Fashion Performance Marketing

SEO, PPC and Social Media.


The Benefits of
Fashion Performance Marketing

Help improve your brand's online presence with the help of our specialist experience.


After years of experience combining fashion and digital marketing, it’s safe to say that, here at Hitsearch, we are a trusted, extremely well-established fashion digital marketing agency. Hitsearch’s in-depth knowledge of the fashion sector has allowed our creative, forward-thinking, team to successfully curate a portfolio of global digital marketing for fashion brands.


Benefit from our PROVEN fashion digital marketing services


Throughout your contract, our fashion marketing experts are in direct contact with you and your internal team. As a fashion marketing agency, our teamwork to incorporate your own vision for your business into our strategy, to make sure that all marking activity is carried out with the most important objectives and KPIs at the centre. We will work meticulously hard to get to know your fashion brand from the inside out, and once clear and concise KPIs have been established, we create a fashion digital marketing strategy that aligns technical actions with refreshing creative ideas.  We’re passionate about digital marketing for fashion, your business and your success. Our fashion-specific teams have helped our clients increase their revenue through a range of multi-channel marketing tactics, helping them through various stages of business growth.


Your Fashion Brand


Our fashion SEO services and your fashion brand

Whichever sector we work in, we adopt current best practice when it comes to fashion SEO, as we strive to achieve higher organic brand visibility for each and every one of our clients.

We understand, that, as a fashion brand, a strong online presence and fashion digital marketing is pivotal to the success of your business. As an experienced fashion marketing agency, Hitsearch are no strangers to the competitiveness of today’s fashion market and so our fashion SEO team will apply knowledge and expertise to ensure your e-commerce website is exactly where it needs to be in order to drive relevant traffic to your website. SEO for fashion brands is an important long-term investment and can work with the other digital marketing channels.


How will our SEO for fashion brand services help you?

When it comes to digital marketing for fashion brands, our SEO team are experts in this space. Here are some of the ways in which our SEO services can help your fashion brand's full digital marketing strategy.

1. We’ll help you increase your organic visibility so more customers can find you

2. We can supply your business with in-depth, tracked and accurately attributed campaign results

3. You’ll have our SEO expertise and knowledge at your fingertips

4. We work to understand the different characteristics of your audience, positioning your products in a way that is most effective for increasing your conversion rate

Paid Media


How can Hitsearch help your PPC campaign?

We can take on all aspects of your paid media activity, from researching carefully and setting up campaigns and feeds, to optimising your activity as it runs, making sure that your budget is being spent on the most effective areas, for maximum return. We deliver in-depth reporting on all paid media activity, making summarising for stakeholders a straightforward process. You can see exactly where your budget is going and how campaigns are performing. Across paid social, display, YouTube, PPC and more, we help your brand get seen by more of the right people, for purchases they want to make.



Whether you want us to wipe the slate clean and set up brand new fashion digital marketing campaigns or dramatically improve the performance of your existing fashion PPC ad groups, we can certainly help! AdWords is a platform that demands constant attention, tweaking important details to make sure your campaigns deliver the best possible results. This frees up your time to spend elsewhere on your business.

Our PPC team are all qualified to give an intuitive response to the Google AdWords platform. Our desire to build on our knowledge and expertise in the PPC field means that your PPC campaigns are in safe, dynamic and responsive hands. We share your passion, to drive highly relevant traffic to your website. We will apply our fashion digital marketing and PPC expertise to not only show your brand to lots of people, but to the right people.


Drive highly relevant traffic

Identifying competitors accurately is a key component of any marketing strategy.. We can help identify your competitors across the paid search space, highlighting which keywords your competitors are bidding on. We can even analyse the value of their PPC traffic. This deeper level of analysis gives your business the valuable information needed to identify the most opportune approach to strategic PPC development and growth.

Content Marketing


Our Fashion Content Marketing Services

There are many ways in which content marketing can help boost brand awareness amongst your target audience. Increasing your brand exposure through content marketing can have a phenomenal impact on your website traffic, conversion rates and ultimately, revenue. Our expert content team will use creativity and knowledge to produce the best in fashion content assets to help market your brand. The Hit Search team is overflowing with fashion content marketing knowledge. We know how to get content noticed; from experimenting with video marketing and interactive visuals, to writing ground-breaking content that works to capture and inform your target audience.


How can Hitsearch help your Fashion Content Marketing?

We’ve briefly spoken about what makes us tick, but our content team really are something special! So, let us share our expertise and implement, analyse and most importantly improve your brand’s visibility with content marketing.

Our team follow a four-step process; all four steps are what we believe is needed to create a successful content marketing strategy. With monthly reports and regular check-ins with your account manager, we are confident we can deliver results beyond your expectations.

  • Content Auditing
  • Content Development & Design
  • Content Production
  • Content Outreach



How Hitsearch can increase your conversions?

The online fashion industry is one of the fastest moving and competitive industries in the world. This brings us to CRO in the fashion industry. With so many websites fighting for attention, it’s highly important that yours is optimised effectively to achieve the highest possible number of conversions. You can have the best marketing campaign in the world but if your site isn’t optimised for conversion, your sales will likely not reflect your marketing efforts. CRO in the fashion industry works to improve key processes on your site, such as an improved user journey, less conversion barriers for the customer and an improvement in the site’s overall navigation.


Working with CRO experts

Knowing exactly where conversion rate problems, and equally, strengths, lie for your website, can be the difference between an increase in revenue and a dramatic loss in revenue. Understanding exactly how your site performs is our specialty, and feeding back our results of the analysis, research, and implementation, is something we pride ourselves on. We understand that communication is key and you need to know exactly what you’re getting for your investment. Our conversion rate optimisation service can help you first obtain, and then sustain, a competitive advantage.


What can we do?

We can perform a CRO review which will highlight all areas of your site that require immediate attention. We will assess the user experience of your website using cutting edge services such as Biometrics and Neuromarketing. In addition to this, we can carry out deep level research and analysis that forms an important part of each sub-service, being an ongoing task throughout the duration of any CRO campaign. We can then go on to plan a CRO strategy aligned with the your fashion brand’s goals and objectives, including our key recommendations.

Finally, another ongoing aspect of your fashion CRO campaign is implementation and testing, ensuring that proposed changes have a strong data case, through testing in a variety of ways. Only site changes that have proven effective in increasing your fashion website’s conversion rate then go on to be implemented for all users across the site.

Digital PR & Outreach


What is it?

Another key part of a fashion digital marketing strategy is PR and outreach. Outreach is the process of building reputable relationships with key industry websites, influencer, bloggers and other third-party websites, to enable your content to be visible to a greater number of relevant people. Placing these pieces of content in prominent areas across the web, where your audience already regularly visit and are engaged, can help your fashion brand gain increased targeted awareness.


Make your voice heard

Getting your fashion brand’s voice heard is the primary aim of our outreach process. And in the over-saturated fashion industry, it can be difficult to stand out. That’s where we come in… Our content outreach team have a wealth of experience building lasting relationships with relevant bloggers and influencer who are ideally suited to your brand. Once these relationships have been formed and nurtured, these bloggers and influencers can go on to become your brand advocates, giving you an increased reach with their highly relevant and engaged audience. Our content outreach team work strategically to deliver the best possible content placement opportunities to amplify and complement your brand and fashion range.


What do we measure?

  • The social reach of the blogger or site, across a number of social channels (including the demographics of their followers)
  • The domain authority/rank of the external site or blog
  • Whether the site or blog is regularly publishing content that is relevant to your target audience
  • Whether the site’s tone of voice, imagery and content themes are a good match for your brand image
  • We estimate their volume of monthly site traffic
  • We monitor the frequency of new content published on their site and the percentage of it that is brand partnership content
  • We also check out their social media engagements and interactions

And much, much more!



Introducing Influencer Marketing

With the influence of social media only growing, shoppers are more invested in what they see online than ever before, especially when it comes to fashion. Whilst it used to be the glossy pages of magazines or fashion week catwalks that influenced our fashion choices, now it’s all about the best fashion influencers on Instagram. This is why the use of Instagram fashion influencers in the UK could be vital to your digital marketing social strategy. At Hit Search, we’ve got years of experience in helping fashion brands to partner with the right influencers, on the right campaigns. Should you choose to invest in the ever-growing, exciting world of influencer marketing to grow your business, Hit Search will work to pair your brand with the perfect influential content creators, utilising their trusted, engaged following to effectively drive traffic and revenue to your site. You can find out more about how Hit Search has been leveraging the world of influencer marketing across a number of different sectors, here.


How To Drive More Traffic & Increase Revenue Online

In order to drive more traffic to your website, you need to have a strong all rounded fashion digital marketing strategy incorporating some of the big strategies such as SEO, PPC and Influencer Marketing. That is one half of the work as you need to convert that traffic into sales with effective conversion rate optimisation using eye tracking, heatmapping and even biometrics!


How To Succeed Online In The Fashion Industry

Succeeding online in the fashion industry solely depends on making the right decisions with the right digital marketing strategies. Here at Hit Search, we have a record of highly successful, well-known fashion clients who have made clear a return on investment through multiple channels. But all channels of digital marketing don't work for every business.

Proven Experience With These Fashion Brands

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