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Insurance PPC Services



When it comes to setting up brand new campaigns for your insurance brand or tweaking and improving existing ones, pay-per-click advertising can play a crucial role in their success. Hit Search have plenty of in-depth experience when it comes to insurance PPC management and are experts at tailoring our pay-per-click services to insurance audiences, ensuring that every penny your business spends on insurance PPC marketing works to achieve your goals.

There’s no denying the stiff competition that you’re up against when trying to sell insurance online. With so many deals around, more-or-less every potential customer browses until they find a deal that’s going to offer them great value for money – which is why your online visibility as a company is so important when it comes to becoming a final choice for potential customers and therefore leading to potential conversions.
There are a few quick-fire answers that customers searching for insurance will want to find immediately and these are what the insurance covers, how much it will cost and where to find the most reliable provider. This is where a good, knowledgeable insurance PPC management company, such as Hit Search, can help. Pay-per-click advertising is an extremely effective way of improving your online visibility, so that you’re easily discovered by your potential new customers. Here’s how using an insurance PPC agency, can work for you.

Why do our PPC services for insurance work?

We’ve already highlighted the importance of an insurance company’s online visibility, but how will investing in insurance PPC services actually help? Pay-Per-click advertising allows you to pay for short, concise ads that are delivered with search engine results for relevant search terms. These ads appear above the organic listings on Google’s results page, so they are typically the first thing that your potential customers see when using Google to perform a search for your kind of insurance product or services. Our expert PPC management team will choose the keywords that your ads will target, meaning your ad will appear whenever these are searched. By choosing specific keywords that balance relevancy with budget requirements (e.g. cost less per click because they are less competitive but highly relevant to your target audience), we’re ensuring that your ads are targeting the correct audience and providing relevant answers for those searching, resulting in a click from a potential customer.



What keywords should be targeted, when it comes to PPC for insurance companies? 

What keywords should be targeted, when it comes to PPC for insurance companies? It can be tricky to determine what keywords are best used when creating your ads but we have an expert team with plenty of experience in doing just this. In order to ensure that your ads are targeting the right, relevant people, we use a mixture of long-tail keywords that target very specific search terms. People that are searching something very specific know exactly what they are looking for and are therefore more likely to convert, which makes going after long-tail keywords extremely worthwhile. As well as this, we can make sure that your insurance-based ads are location specific, which means that they will not appear in search results of people in areas that you don’t offer your services to. Finally, we’ll ensure that the PPC averts that we create are used at a cost that works for your business. We know that, in the insurance industry, keyword bidding can get expensive. As an experienced insurance PPC management company, we will always be transparent about how much ads will cost, and we will always ensure that our recommendations deliver the best possible return. For example, starting a campaign with ‘cheaper’ keywords to form a strong base for your advertising and then working your way up to tactically bidding on some ‘expensive’ keywords is often a tactic we find works for the competitive insurance industry.


Understandably, many insurance companies can be a little sceptical about using ads, believing that many Google users simply wont click on them. This can be the case if the ads that are appearing are not relevant to the search. However, as mentioned above, investing in professional insurance PPC marketing from Hit Search will ensure that your ads provide the relevant answers and are therefore more likely to be clicked on by the right searchers. We have experience in tailoring and creating expert PPC ads that are going to attract the attention of a potential customer. At Hit Search, we believe a great PPC ad has a strong headline and an accurate description. Furthermore, we will ensure that the advert leads to the appropriate, relevant landing page which will then help towards the final hurdle of converting site visitors into paying customers. Finding the best insurance PPC management company for your business can be tricky, but at Hit Search, our record speaks for itself.

How to use PPC for your insurance company

As we know, the main benefit of PPC for insurance is the acquisition of new, targeted customers. But how will it work for you?

Specific targeting

Our expert PPC team will ensure that every targeted, niche advert produced will align with the services and the voice of your company.

A variety of PPC adverts

Often, insurance companies will offer a range of different products, whether that’s travel and home insurance, life insurance and even pet insurance. Creating a number of ads for different products will widen your demographic and result in more leads. It also makes potential customers aware that you offer more than just one specific service and might even encourage them to purchase a different type of insurance at the same time.

Keeping up to date with demographic trends

Targeting or re-targeting specific ages and genders that want to change their insurance is a great way of maximising your return. For example, young male drivers who have just had their renewing premiums increased may well be looking to see if there is a cheaper or better for value money product available rather than simply renewing their old policy. We provide expert insurance PPC management that will ensure we are always considering this type of information when creating your ads. We don’t miss a trick and therefore, neither will you.

Use ads for specific offers and deals

As an insurance company, you’ll understand the need to bring offers and deals to the table when it comes to making your products stand out from your competitors’. Whether that’s a loyalty reward for existing customers or jumping on the back of seasonal opportunities like Black Friday – and your PPC ads can help to support this. By advertising these deals, you’re not only portraying your company’s products as value for money investments, you’re also ensuring that your products are more likely to be chosen over those of your competitors.


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Target those looking for a change

People changing their insurance policies is the norm and as an insurance PPC management company, we will take advantage of this on your behalf. This means we’ll target anyone searching specific keywords related to ‘changing’ their insurance policy or renewing their existing product by ensuring compelling ads from your company appear in the search results. Not only will this work to catch any potential customers who are planning on jumping from one insurance provider to the other but it could also potentially stop your current customers from switching to a different provider, if they see that you’re still throwing fantastic deals their way. 

Target local

This may or may not be relevant for your company but if you only offer services that are going to benefit specific, local areas then it’s a waste of time and money to target people in areas which are not going to benefit from your services. At Hit Search, we can use our years of experience in providing insurance PPC marketing for a range of different businesses to provide the best advice when it comes to the specific locations in which your ads should appear. We will take an in-depth look at your products and send your adverts to the places that we feel are most relevant to your business and are the most likely to provide a healthy ROI.

In an industry as competitive as insurance, it can often be the case that you need a little bit of a helping hand when it comes to standing directly in front of your customers. At Hit Search, we will do our utmost to ensure that our PPC services are providing you with creative, yet clear and concise, adverts that are going to appeal to the right audience, at a cost that works for your business.

As professionals in our field, we offer pay-per-click plans for Google and Bing search and display networks and will always ensure that our PPC strategy is tailored exactly to your business’s specific needs, whilst keeping your competitors in mind. Let us help you stand out from the crowd by investing in our PPC management services, specifically for insurance companies.



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