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Why is content marketing for insurance companies important?



Creating great content that ensures that your audience will interact with your brand and services is something that every insurance company will benefit from. Plus, with the industry moving further and further to the online space in recent years, it’s important that you don’t get left behind.

Here at Hit Search, we have a highly skilled content marketing team that will keep your website’s content fresh and up to date, ensuring it performs at its best and is in line with current trends and search volumes – and making sure we change what’s needed if it isn’t. Our in-depth experience of content marketing for insurance companies means that you’ll notice results in no time at all.

Why should insurance companies use content marketing?

Content marketing is a great way for companies to communicate and engage with their audience by showcasing informative materials that are designed to help, not sell. This is important in a world where the average online consumer doesn’t appreciate a hard sell and would prefer to be presented with the facts to assist their own research. Professional content marketing services can ensure that your insurance product is presented in a straightforward, simple way, so consumers know exactly what to expect when making a purchase. Things like jargon and too much persuasive content can deter potential customers that are looking for an insurance brand that they can rely on to help them protect some of the most important things in life. Here are all the ways in which your insurance company will truly benefit from great quality content marketing.

There is room for creativity

Whilst it may seem interesting to insurance company owners, it’s worth considering specific demographics that probably aren’t going to spend hours reading about insurance and using a creative and captivating content marketing strategy to appeal to a whole new audience. Customers between the ages of 18-35 are likely to need to purchase some sort of insurance, be that for a new car or holiday abroad, but probably aren’t going to sift through reams of written content, no matter how many keywords are in there. This is where a ground-breaking content marketing strategy will win you a younger audience over your competitors. Whether your creative content marketing strategy comes in the form of an interactive infographic, a professionally-shot video or will include using bloggers for relevant backlinks – doing something different to just copy on a page will give you the edge here.

It can create a seamless experience

When it comes to insurance content marketing, it’s all well and good to have a random collection of super creative, crazy ideas, but if they don’t make it simple and quick for today’s consumer to make a purchase, then you may as well not bother. At the heart of every strategy should be a seamless customer experience because, at the end of the day, this is going to determine whether anyone is going to make an online purchase or not. Whilst a good campaign may involve some off-page work, a great insurance content marketing strategy will begin and end with your website (desktop and mobile), which should enable your potential customers to make a quick and easy purchase.

It can make your website relevant

A great content marketing strategy will target specific keywords that are relevant to your brand, which means anyone searching for that keyword will be presented with the relevant information right in front of them - and it will be you providing that information. Building content around specific keywords is paramount and should form the base of any content marketing strategy that’s designed for businesses that want to be visible through organic search. At Hit Search, we have this down to a T.

It can spread brand awareness

Content marketing for insurance companies isn’t just about ranking highest on Google and dominating the SERPS for your niche, it’s also about raising awareness of your brand in the real and online worlds in a competitive market that will always be saturated. There are many ways in which to do this from a content marketing perspective, such as creating an infographic to be outreached and shared on relevant websites to creating cutting-edge advertising campaigns that can be shared through the mediums of paid search. These can also be used to lead potential customers back to a relevant, well-designed and written landing page that seamlessly guides your potential customer to making a purchase. Don’t forget that in a world of high rankings and well-optimised content, simply raising awareness of your brand and creating a solid brand image is equally as important!

It can help to retain your customers

As well as putting your brand in front of new faces, content marketing for insurance companies can also help to retain the policyholders that you already have. The most effective way to do this is in the form of email content marketing. Signing someone up and then just letting them be can sometimes open up the risk of losing customers and, whilst this doesn’t mean you should bombard them with a mailing list of 5 emails a day, it can do the world of good to reach out every now and again. A great content marketing strategy may include the occasional email to your mailing list that contacts existing customers with a fantastic offer or something interesting about your company or the insurance industry that they might want to read, so that they are regularly thinking about your brand. As an insurance company, you have a product that most of your existing customers will likely always need, so you want to make sure that you’re going to be who they renew with. A great way of getting potential customers to sign up to your mailing list is to offer them a small discount for signing up – that way, they are easy to re-target!

It can help to brand yourself professionally

Whilst using content marketing to raise awareness of your brand is all well and good, it’s important that your brand is marketed professionally at the same time otherwise you risk sticking in consumer’s minds for all the wrong reasons. Content marketing gives you the freedom to present your brand in whatever way you want, which means that those who search for an insurance company and already know a lot about insurance will be drawn in to the way you present your brand (professional, reliable etc) over competitors. It helps to think of your brand’s ethos and how you would like to be seen in the minds of your customers past, present and future and go from there!

With so much insurance now sold online, there is a lot of scope when it comes to content marketing for insurance companies.

If you would like to know more about insurance content marketing or would like to enlist the help of a professional when it comes to a killer insurance marketing strategy, then get in touch with Hit Search today and let us put your insurance brand in front of the right people.

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