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SEO Services for your law firm

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With more and more people heading to Google to search for expert legal advice and reliable legal services, it’s important that you’re visible amongst your competitors. At Hitsearch, we have over a decade of experience in offering specialist law firm SEO marketing services for a number of different legal firms and are therefore the experts in legal marketing that you have been searching for (pardon the pun).

So, why exactly do you need law firms SEO marketing?

SEO legal marketing is hugely important for law firms that want to rank higher in Google’s search results for search terms that are relevant to their services. At the minute, you may rely purely on word of mouth to ensure you’re getting new business and a steady stream of clients, and this could be working for you. However, with a website that is effectively optimised for specific keywords and has been technically optimised too, you can also start appearing in the online search results of people who are looking for your services, whether you want to rank locally or throughout the UK. At Hitsearch, we have many years of experience in providing quality, optimised content for websites just like yours, which helps ensure that your website is found by the right people, searching in your target areas, for your services.

Your legal SEO goals, established

As part of our law firm SEO services, we’ll help you to establish online marketing goals that directly contribute to your overall business objectives… and then we’ll help you to achieve them. Examples of what we can do to help your law firm achieve with our law firm SEO marketing experience include using SEO strategies to boost revenue and using SEO to increase enquiry form completions or number of appointments made with your in-house legal experts. Whatever your goals, we’ll ensure you have a legal SEO strategy to support them.

Law Firm SEO Marketing Case Studies


What does a successful law firm SEO strategy look like?

A successful legal digital marketing strategy is made up a number of different components, which can then join together to form part of a wider marketing campaign that will allow us to put your brand directly in front of the right people. At Hitsearch, we’re aware of just how important a well devised plan for SEO can be and so we have an expert team that can carefully execute the following to ensure that you’re ranking in the SERPs (search engine results pages) in no time at all.

Engaging, well optimised content

If you want to attract more visitors to your law firm’s website, then you should opt for an effective SEO strategy that is going to go hand in hand with a content strategy. Our aim is to not only make sure that the content on your website is well-optimised but that it’s also content that is actually worth finding. We know that an effective SEO strategy and highly engaging content go hand in hand and will successfully create both for your law firm’s website. After extensive keyword research, we create optimised content that is also useful to your target audience at that specific stage of their user journey and compels them towards a specific outcome, whether that is finding out more on other pages of your website, or contacting you directly for advice. In a nutshell, we will work towards improving your website’s relevance, authority and trust levels, three things that are crucially important when it comes to SEO for solicitors

A plan to build backlinks

As part of the way we implement SEO for legal firms, we understand the importance of building appropriate backlinks from high authority domains, into your website. Not only will we include internal links within your content to pull users further into your site, providing them with additional useful information and driving conversions, we’ll also work to achieve high quality, inbound backlinks through a range of different tactics. These tactics include cutting edge digital PR activity, working with bloggers to outreach content and reclaiming links in places where your site has been linked from or mentioned previously.

A fast, efficient and easy to navigate website

Site speed is something that can make or break your brand’s success and with a website that’s slow, difficult to navigate and without obvious CTAs, you’re likely to have potential clients dropping off before they’ve made that all-important enquiry or phone call. Google also indicates site speed as a signal used by its algorithm to rank pages. Anyone seeking legal advice is likely to look elsewhere if they can’t quickly access the information that they need, which is why we incorporate the improving the loading time of your webpages into our SEO for law firms’ strategies.

Tech SEO Strategy

We’ve established that in order for your law firm’s website to rank higher or gain more search visibility, you need to continuously optimise your website’s SEO, which also means getting technical. Our professional digital marketing agency team are experienced in creating a technical strategy for law firm SEO which includes ensuring your website is as user-friendly as possible by checking your website sitemap, ensuring your website is mobile-friendly as well as fixing any crawl errors, issues with 404’s and redirects and canonicalization problems.

Local SEO services for your law firm

Our law firm SEO marketing strategy will also include local SEO so that your law firm can rank locally in different areas, depending where you service and where you’d like to target. We will help to maximise your visibility in local search results and get you in front of clients that are looking for your services in their local area. There are a few ways in which we will apply our law firm marketing experience to do this.

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Your Google my Business page

Optimising your Google my Business page is an essential part of your SEO strategy as a law firm and, at Hitsearch, we have years of experience in knowing what works best in this online marketplace. We have methods that will help your Google my Business page to quickly become more visible, which will act as a fantastic support to the rest of your SEO strategy. The quicker your online visibility increases, the quicker you’ll attract more clients and an increase in that all-important revenue!

Content for local SEO

Whilst our legal SEO strategy will help your website to rank for more generic legal search terms, we’ll also gear our keyword research towards more local search terms. Our content wont just include local keywords but will also represent the voice of your business, giving your law firm a human element to your potential clients in the local area – something that’s crucial in the legal sector when fighting against competitors.

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