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Legal Marketing Services


With more and more legal firms moving into the online space, one of the best ways to source more clients is to shout about your legal firm through carefully planned and well thought out digital marketing. And at Hit Search, we’re here to make that happen. As a legal marketing agency, we have worked with many top 500 legal clients to better their marketing strategies and ultimately ensure that, through accurate targeting of the right types of activity, they’re being put in front of potential clients who are actively searching for their services.



Our law marketing services will help you to establish the goals of your company and then assist you in achieving them. It’s as simple as that. Here are some of the effective law marketing services that we can provide for your company.

There was a time when eye-catching billboards, radio jingles and paper flyers dominated the legal marketing space and maybe, once upon a time, it was enough. It’s safe to say now, with much of your target audience potentially spending more than eight hours online a day, that the game has well and truly changed. And you need to keep up.


Content marketing and SEO for law firms

All law marketing services will involve some sort of content strategy because it’s likely your website will need to include a lot of information for potential clients about the legal services that you offer and why they might need them. As a legal marketing agency, we can provide you with a content marketing strategy that that has been developed by a reliable and knowledgeable team and is bespoke to the needs of your firm and your target audience. Our content team is experienced in developing well-researched, keyword-rich content that always has your client at its forefront. The content created will not only be optimised for search engines but it will also be professional and flow naturally, adopting an informative element to help your clients move seamlessly through the journey to enquiry. We believe in keeping our clients involved in every step of the content process and will tailor our content in a way that reflects your business perfectly. By creating a bespoke strategy, we endeavour to see that our SEO work is not just a ‘quick fix’ with short-term effects but a long-term solution that will contribute towards the continued success of your business. We believe that SEO practices are so important to law firms because by enabling your firm to rank well in search results for specific keywords, it’s putting your services in front of people who are searching for them in that exact moment which is so necessary in the fast-paced legal market.

PPC services for your legal firm

Competition amongst legal services is now greater than ever, so it’s time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to your marketing strategy. PPC and paid social is a fantastic way of ensuring that your firm is heard amongst the noise of your competitors. Ultimately, we use our expert pay-per-click knowledge to drive targeted leads to your specific service pages, which helps to increase the number of client enquiries and in turn, boost your return on investment. At Hit Search, our extensive experience in PPC for legal firms means that we are able to guide you through your implemented PPC strategy and ensure that all campaigns are launched quickly and efficiently, so that you can begin to see the results that you’re looking for, as soon as possible. Our PPC services include everything from full competitor research right through to recommending ways to improve your landing pages and quality scores. We’re constantly on the ball to ensure that every single penny of your PPC budget is seeing the best return. By monitoring the progress of your campaign, we can spot any opportunities to change tack, if necessary. Through targeted PPC campaigns, there are so many opportunities for your law firm to reach new customers and Hit Search’s legal marketing services can make this happen.

CRO and User Experience

By investing in professional law marketing services, you can reap the benefits of conversion rate optimisation and its ability to convert your website traffic into qualified leads. CRO will allow our team to analyse your website’s performance and identify where change is necessary. Your law firm’s current conversion rate is the number of your website users that are completing specific, predetermined goals on your site and with our professional, experienced team, we will aim to improve that rate. Our CRO services include thorough analysis and professional recommendations to help find the blockers and barriers to conversion that your audience currently have, so that these can quickly be resolved and you can increase the number of highly relevant leads that come through. Our professional legal marketing services will include a CRO package that is tailored specifically to your law firm with an aim to increase the number of converting clients that your law firm receives, by a significant margin. You can find out more about why we offer conversion rate optimisation services for law firms by clicking here.

Digital PR and Outreach

Here at Hit Search, we love backlinks. We believe, KPI dependent, that a strong backlink strategy can drastically improve the visibility of your law firm’s website organically, as well as having other benefits such as an increase in brand awareness and referral traffic. Our backlink strategies include acquiring links from high-quality, relevant websites with strong domain authority (which we can determine through the use of a number of different tools), through the means of digital PR and outreach. Our expert digital PR team will work to extend your reach across networks you previously had little access to, helping you to stand out amongst your competitors. We’ll create eye-catching, attention-grabbing press releases that publications will want to publish, which will not only raise your law firm’s profile by putting it at the heart of the latest legal marketing discussions but can also mean that a quality backlink is achieved, to further strengthen your website in the eyes of search engines.



Due to our years of experience and existing portfolio of legal clients, we like to consider ourselves as sitting amongst the best law firm marketing companies, which is why you should get in touch.

If you would like to find out more about how our expert team can help your law firm rise above and beyond your competitors, then get started today!

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