Our approach to PPC in the legal sector

Our approach to our PPC service is simple. We want to ensure your campaigns are concise and are targeted toward your audience. PPC campaigns are a great way to immediately identify what is working and what really isn’t working in your PPC strategy.

The Google AdWords platform can seem straightforward to set up, and you’ve mostly likely already got an account set up. However, if you don’t manage your PPC campaigns constantly, optimising them, tweaking them to reflect keyword ranking changes, testing a variety of adverts to see which delivers the most relevant website traffic, then you’ll never see a vast improvement through PPC.

So, what can we actually offer your firm?

Well, our PPC management process for the legal sector has been broken down into 3 small steps.

  1. Getting to know your firm
  2. The more we understand your firm’s objectives and marketing messages, your industry and, of course, your competitors, the better we can craft your bespoke PPC strategy. This will be top of our agenda when you meet your dedicated PPC Manager and Client Services Manager who will work closely with your team to manage your campaigns. A thorough review of previous results will form part of this phase.
  3. Planning and launch
  4. Once we understand where you’re currently at and where it is you’d like to get to, we review all the options open to you and recommend a prioritised list of activities for the short, medium and long term. These activities will help us to build your dedicated PPC campaign with highly targeted keywords and ad groups, not forgetting the unique ad creative!
  5. Ongoing Analysis
  6. Scheduled regular meetings enable us to present revenue-based results and recommendations based on campaign performance analysis. In the background we’ll be working on your campaigns daily, constantly monitoring against agreed KPIs. Filtering back the results to your firm is important to us, we like to keep you constantly informed – it’s your money after all!

Dental Law’s website traffic increased year on year by 230%close-quotes.png


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