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PPC services for lawyers

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is a fantastic way to increase traffic and conversions, whether you have a brand-new website or have been established for many years. There are many areas of law, such as bankruptcy, employment matters, criminal charges and personal injury that are associated with social stigma; meaning people are more likely to search for these services online than rely on word of mouth for recommendations. PPC services for lawyers are key to reaching these audiences. If you offer these services, then you want to appear in potential clients’ internet search results. It’s that simple. PPC marketing for law firms will generate new leads and increase your audience reach

How will our law firm PPC services put your business in front of the right people?

As an established PPC agency, we have an abundance of experience when it comes to using PPC to drive targeted leads to your legal practice. In the past, we have managed profitable PPC campaigns for a number of top 500 legal firms and have successfully boosted ROI as a result. Our legal marketing services and strategies are tailored to each and every one of our clients’ needs and we work to establish well-thought out goals and KPI’s so that we know exactly what we need to do in order to achieve them.

Our expert PPC team will conduct data-driven legal PPC campaigns to help your law firm improve and succeed online, ensuring that every single penny of your PPC budget is spent with your business objectives in mind. Not only this, we will also guide you through the entire process, remaining on hand for when you have any questions about your campaigns and the results we’re seeing.

An effective PPC campaign means that you can target people who are directly looking for your services, which is why we believe PPC for lawyers can be foundational for a successful legal marketing campaign and why it's one of our core legal marketing services.

Display advertising for law firms

The main aim of our paid media activity is not just to generate traffic to your website but to ensure that that traffic is highly targeted, in order to maximise conversions. Our digital marketing agency PPC team has the ability to create head-turning display advertisements to really show your law firm in its best light and ensure that your business becomes more visible in the digital space. No matter how big or small your legal business, our aim is to produce exciting, visually stimulating and engaging ads containing useful and relevant information. This will encourage interactions with people that are researching about and looking for your specific services. Our combination of professional industry experience, creative design team and knowledgeable PPC experts means that we have got your law firm covered when it comes to your display advertising needs. At Hitsearch, we’re aware that when it comes to producing cutting-edge display advertising for law firms, there is no one-size fits all approach, which is why we tailor all of our ads specifically to each of our legal clients, working with you to produce the best possible end result in all of our marketing for solicitors.

PPC + search engine advertising for law firms

Another quick way for lawyers to generate those all-important high-quality leads is to utilise pay per click search engine advertising. Legal PPC works by your business paying a fee every time one of your adverts is clicked on via Google search results. Whilst we will attempt to earn visits to your site organically, PPC is a great support to any SEO for solicitors that you're doing, as it gives your business the digital boost it needs to ensure that highly targeted traffic is coming through to your website and encouraging an increase in conversions, whilst the organic strategy builds in the background. With an expert team that know how to specifically target ads to bring you the highest quality traffic, we’ll see that every single penny of your PPC budget is spent wisely.

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Why should I use PPC services as a law firm?

There are a few reasons as to why your law firm could benefit from including PPC services within your marketing strategy. They include:

Instant gratification

PPC ads are quick and reactive, which is partly what makes them so successful. Our expert team will set up, optimise and maintain your ads properly so that you’re in the running for some of the top placements immediately.

Precise targeting

You can use legal PPC ads to not only target your audience but also their geographical locations; for a law firm that has services that operate in specific areas, this can be incredibly useful and effective.

Performance is easily tracked

After setting up your legal PPC campaign, our team can easily and immediately track the performance of the keywords and phrases that we have recommended to target. Thanks to our software, we can quickly check to see what ads are bringing in the most traffic, whether your conversion rates are going in the right direction and whether as a business, you’re receiving a return on investment. Any changes we notice, we will adjust your campaigns accordingly so that they’re always performing at their best.

A properly run legal PPC campaign using Google ads for law firms will be successful due to targeting the right customers and making it easy for the experts at Hit Search to see exactly what works, what doesn’t, and adjust accordingly. Don’t fall behind your competitors, who are already seeing success from legal PPC advertising.

Paid Social for law firms

Another element of paid advertising that you should consider using for your legal firm is paid social media advertising. With virtually the whole world now on social media, paid social advertising is a fantastic way to quickly reach your target demographic, be that on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube (to name a few). Paid social won’t just encourage people to interact and engage with your social media accounts, it will also help to generate all-important interest around your brand as well as assist online conversions through this new-found social audience. Again, a paid social campaign is different for everyone and our experts can carefully tailor your paid social media strategy to exactly what you want to achieve as a business and brand.

3 ways you can you use PPC to generate accepted cases for your law firm

Now that you know why your law firm should be using Hit Search’s PPC services, here are some of the ways in which we can implement our PPC knowledge to help to boost your business’ ROI.

1. We can geo-target your brand searches

Geo-targeting your brand searches ensures that all of your PPC budget is spent wisely, ensuring that no clicks and impressions are wasted by ads that target consumers outside of the areas that are relevant to your brand. This is particularly important to law firms that only operate in specific areas. We’ll use geo-targeting to ensure that your traffic is highly targeted and not a single penny of your PPC budget is wasted.


2. Followed by a healthy amount of retargeting

Our PPC marketing for law firms doesn’t just aim to target new customers but also to retarget those that have already used your services and may want to do so again. We will retarget your searching users with highly relevant ads. Retargeting may appear pretty self-explanatory but actually there’s a lot more to it than simply displaying ads to your past visitors. At Hit Search, we have plenty of experience when it comes to retargeting, knowing that the best way to retarget is cross-platform, retargeting users that got to your site through Google on Facebook and vice versa. We can also use Facebook to retarget users who found themselves on your website through a search ad, with exactly what they were searching for. It may seem a little spooky, but it’s a fantastic way to stay ahead of your competitors.

3. Using PPC and SEO to complement each other

PPC allows us to determine the profitability and conversion rate of specific keywords, before targeting it with SEO as part of a longer-term strategy. Once PPC has determined this, we are then able to ignore poor converting and unrelated keywords and only focus on profitable ones, within the SEO strategy as well as with PPC. By allowing your PPC spend to guide your SEO strategy, we are ensuring that you’re getting the most out of your budget, not just with PPC but in all areas of the marketing strategy.

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